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Tailor your CRM for an exact fit

Every business and organization has unique goals and processes, and your CRM system should be designed to match. With Cobalt’s powerful solutions, all designed to operate inside Microsoft Dynamics 365, you’ll get a CRM tailored for your success.

See how Membership Dynamics, Engagement Dynamics, and Certification Dynamics are truly optimized for your specific needs.

Grow with Cobalt’s market-tested solutions

Empower Your Team – Put knowledge and numbers at your fingertips, easily configure forms and processes, and synchronize key functions with easy-to-use tools.
Engage Your Audience – Meet their expectations to seamlessly move between meeting registration, account updates, subscriptions, and more.
Integrate Your Systems – Accounting, e-commerce, event management, and other modules easily integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365, your website, and other platforms.
Discover Value  – Microsoft Dynamics 365 is consistently less expensive than leading competitors, including Salesforce, and delivers continued development to keep pace with emerging technology.

Make a seamless transition

Cobalt’s commitment to a seamless platform shift means we’ve developed support, tools, and processes that give you peace of mind. We’re more than a vendor; we’ve been partnering with clients to transition to a better CRM experience since 2003.

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