Any modern certification management software solution must prioritize two critical realities: your team’s needs and rapidly evolving certificant expectations. If your core technology can’t meet the complexity of your organization’s systems, integrations, and processes, your team will struggle and your clients will feel it. Is that where your organization is at today?

Your IT department may well have the expertise and resources to build custom solutions for your team, but why tie them up to build, revise, and maintain a system when they already have a deep project backlog?

Add Cobalt Engagement Dynamics, our refined certification management software solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, to your technology stack and we will make all your processes and end-user experiences stronger. Cobalt has more than 20 years of deep certification industry experience, allowing us to deliver sophisticated configurations without lengthy and costly customization development projects.

A screenshot of Engagement Dynamics, the certification management software developed by Cobalt.
A dashboard in Engagement Dynamics, the Certification Management Software from Cobalt.

PTCB has been working with Cobalt since 2011 and their team has become an extension of our staff over the years. We are more efficient and productive now and they have made a positive impact on our customers’ experience. Cobalt has been an integral part of our program expansion both as a software provider and a trusted advisor.
William Schimmel, Executive Director & CEO – Pharmacy Technician Certification Board

Explore Cobalt’s Refined Certification Management Software Solutions

Cobalt’s Engagement Dynamics modules for certification and credentialing organizations leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Each of our modules are designed to improve your team’s efficiency and improve the experience of your candidates and certificants.

Feature 1
Certification Applications

Our online initial and continuing certification applications combined with the Cobalt form builder allow you to offer applicant self-service and a personalized experience, improving staff efficiency and applicant satisfaction.

Feature 2
Application Processing

Cobalt’s requirements engine supports complex approval and processing rules and includes powerful auditing capabilities so you can review submissions in more depth if needed.

Feature 3
Continuing Competence

The ability for certificants to log their ongoing activities in a central location combined with our requirements engine can support even the most complex education and competence requirements.

Feature 1

Offer your own courses to certificants as part of their continuing competence, including credit/hour tracking, one-click registration, a sophisticated interface, and a seamless process for participants.

Feature 2
Customer Service

Stop playing catch-up, get ahead of customer service issues, and make a dramatic impact in your customer service response-to-request time with the included Dynamics 365 customer service module.

Feature 3

Get industry-leading insights, trends, and marketing support with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing. It connects all the dots with a cohesive strategy for your marketing efforts.

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Whether your team is stuck with old, manual processes and needs to make the leap to a new system that can automate parts of your work, or you have a system in place that isn’t meeting your needs, Cobalt can help.

Connect with our team for a customized product showcase. In less than an hour, we can step through a more detailed look at our modules and their potential for your team, Cobalt and Dynamics 365 pricing models, our design and implementation process, and answer any initial questions you have about our certification management software today.

Our Cobalt Engagement Dynamics solution and the deep certification expertise we bring to the table are more than enough to configure and implement even the most complex requirements for your organization. When you add Cobalt to your organization, you’ll be more efficient and have more of everything you need to focus on enhancing your customers’ experience.

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