The mission of the Cobalt support department is to enhance the productivity of our clients’ use of Cobalt’s products and to empower our users by making information technology accessible. We achieve this by providing a customer-focused business model aimed at providing quality end-user and technical support. To monitor client satisfaction levels, Cobalt conducts a bi-annual Client Satisfaction Survey. Cobalt also performs follow up surveys following all major steps in the project life cycle to ensure that the process is going smoothly and to learn and grow from each product implementation.

End-User Support

Cobalt provides end-user support for the system as part of our standard SaaS agreement. Cobalt’s End User Support is unique in that we offer unlimited assistance for your trained staff users on any “how do I” type question.  This allows our customers’ staff to get the assistance they need and greatly improves user adoption.

Technical Support

In dealing with any bugs or technical issues, Cobalt has a structured methodology to address any issues that arise as quickly and painlessly as possible. To manage the Technical support process, each client designates a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) through which all technical issues are addressed. Cobalt’s support team includes dedicated developers with backup from the technical lead from your implementation as well as our product team.

Dedicated Test Environment

One critical support element employed by Cobalt that is often overlooked by other vendors is that Cobalt maintains a fully functioning test environment for each customer. This test environment includes development, staging and user acceptance testing servers and will be used to test any system modifications before they are deployed to the production system. This “stack” is also critical when troubleshooting any issues your customers may be experience. We can work to replicate and fix the issue in a non-production environment to minimize the impact on end users.

Support Portal

Cobalt’s offers customers a convenient support portal (powered by Zendesk) to open and track the status of support tickets as well as search knowledge base articles, review recorded training sessions.