Core Values

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We never consider our products finished. For our customers this means that we are constantly searching for better technologies and techniques to deliver the best possible solutions. For our employees this means that the work doesn’t get old and your skills are never out of date.

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We believe in transparency in everything we do. For our customers that translates into always letting you know where we stand as we’re troubleshooting an issue or making progress on large projects. For our employees that means that you are included in the business planning process and always understand where the company is heading.

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We are energized and motivated by solving business problems using technology. For our customers this means that you are working with people who will go the extra mile. For our employees this means that you will be working with other people that share your enthusiasm and care deeply about everything we offer. That passion makes a difference and sets us apart.

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We feel so strongly about alignment that we have built it into all of our processes. For customers this means that we spend significant time upfront to ensure we understand what success looks like for you and build a plan that gets you there. For employees this means we don’t have contracts or offer letters. Instead, we craft statements of alliance which define a mutually beneficial relationship between employees and the company. This approach sets the tone for an open and honest relationship that promotes career progression.

Our Team’s Take on the Cobalt Culture

When I came to Cobalt I knew it was a company that was going to invest in my growth. I’ve been able to organically create my own role within the team over time, and that’s not uncommon here. By necessity, we all have to communicate very directly with each other and this breeds a fluid and honest work environment. We’re all invested in each other’s success.
Niusha Nawab
Software Product Specialist
My team members are helpful, patient, and create a supportive environment that’s transparent, but easy going. CRM is a booming industry, and I’ve learned so much about emerging technology while also growing my people skills since I joined the team. Cobalt is also big on professional development and giving you the time and space to apply what you learned in your daily work.
Annie Hall
Product Marketing Manager
There is a certain kind of person that won’t be a good fit in this team: if you’re looking for a 9-5 job with low expectations, or to just pad out the experience on your resume, you won’t be happy at Cobalt. However, if you want inspiring, hands-on work with new technologies, to be challenged every day, and to hang out with like-minded people at work (and after work!), Cobalt could be a very good fit for you.
Nathan Hartmann
Technical Lead