Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and Microsoft’s related suite of business applications can do many powerful things to improve your team’s processes, efficiencies, and the true end-goal: a drastically superior experience for whoever you serve.

But where do you start with so many possibilities? Given your goals and budget, what should you prioritize today? All the possibilities can be overwhelming. So can selecting the best-fit Dynamics 365 partner or products. Let Cobalt help you today.

We have cleared away the non-essential issues and highlighted the value of a cloud-based CRM solution for your organization. Cobalt is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and we have worked in the depths of Dynamics CRM and Dynamics 365 since 2004. We can quickly help you see exactly what Dynamics 365 can do for your team and those you serve.

Give your team an exceptional experience with all the industry’s standard managed services like training and support, but also give them the deep experience Cobalt has to do the truly difficult, advanced, or custom work. With us, you get both, and everything in between. Explore the ways to get more from your CRM investment today, including our streamlined assessments or one of our quick start packages.

Microsoft Dynamics 365: Cobalt’s Core Services

Scan the shortlist of our strongest service offerings and expertise, or find more in-depth value for your team on each of our individual service pages.

Dynamics 365 Modules

Add any or all of these powerful business applications from Microsoft to amplify your team’s efficiencies and their ability to build trust and meaningful interactions with whoever you serve. They are all designed to provide immediate, out-of-the-box value, but Cobalt’s experienced team can show you how to get the most from each of these tools. Let’s build a strategic combination that directly meets your organization’s biggest needs.

Feature 1


Keep your top sellers motivated and equip your whole salesforce with powerful tools for today’s digital selling and sales growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales will focus and empower your team and give them all they need to meet your prospects where they are today. Give your sales reps clear visibility to the right data, assets, communication channels, collaboration tools, and more that make the difference in today’s rapidly evolving sales cycles and customer expectations. Explore the value and features of D365 Sales now.

Feature 2


Any modern marketing solution offers some level of automation, but is your platform of choice smart enough to give your team the marketing insights that will convert? Is it broad enough to connect with prospects and where they really are today?

Most importantly, can it deliver truly personalized content and interactions across all touchpoints? Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing was built to prioritize each of these needs. Explore the value and features of D365 Marketing now.

Feature 3

Customer Service

As the expectations of today’s customers expand exponentially, all your customer support systems and technology must be able to scale, adapt, and provide a convincing, personalized approach. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is built for precisely that kind of growth and flexibility. As the needs and relationships with whoever you serve evolve, you will already be ahead of the curve.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service lets you leverage virtual agents, built-in AI, automation, and IoT integration to keep your agents free to engage directly with customers, tackle difficult issues, or capitalize on passing opportunities.

Feature 1

Sales Insights

All of the technology that can empower your sellers to make a more immediate, meaningful connection with your customers opens up huge possibilities for your organization. But with more data than ever and a sprawling touchpoint map, it’s critical to keep your sales team focused and confident.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Insights provides a powerful, additional layer of guidance and concrete actionable steps for your digital selling efforts. As an add-in for Dynamics 365 Sales, it uses AI-guided selling and constantly refined predictive models to keep your reps right in step with what your sales prospects expect and need today.

Feature 2

Customer Insights

The biggest differentiator for successful organizations is quickly becoming a matter of insight. Everyone is collecting more data than ever before, but how your tools interpret that data is everything — along with knowing your data and customer trust are both secure.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, your team will quickly get a single view of the customer and clarity about what they need from you next. Let Cobalt help you see the best way to truly understand what your customers are doing, and how you can know exactly what you need to from all your customer data.

Feature 3

Customer Voice

Your organization needs to create and deliver personalized, meaningful content and customer interactions with perfect timing. And that requires the best tools for listening to where your prospects are, what they care about, and what they think they need today.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included with Dynamics 365 Customer Service and Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, or available as a stand-alone module. It’s packed with the tools, templates, and workflows to easily hear whoever you serve, deepen that connection, give your whole team access to the data, and take a proactive posture in customer relationships.

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