There is no doubt that making the investment in a CRM implementation, migration, or upgrade with Dynamics 365 Online will have strong ROI for your team. Even if you only use the out-of-the-box functionality with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform or Cobalt’s Engagement Dynamics custom software modules for specific industry needs, you will be far ahead of where you are now.  

When you add Cobalt’s CRM support and Dynamics 365 managed services, it’s another huge layer of value for your team and whoever you serve. With unlimited end-user support questions, configuration and customizations, custom development, report creation, and more packed into this offering, we’ll make it easier for you to maximize your CRM investment.  

Read an overview of our support and managed services and then reach out for a free team assessment or product showcase to see exactly what the value for your team could be. 

This is What Exceptional CRM Support Looks Like 

Start exploring the foundations of Cobalt’s ongoing Dynamics 365 support and managed services. It’s all packed with the 25 years of refined CRM expertise our team cultivated to benefit your team today.

  • End-User Support
  • Training 
  • Monthly Check-Ins & Backlog Management 
  • License Management

End-User Support

The bottomless potential of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform means there is also an endless list of questions your team will have as you go. Cobalt makes an active, engaged contribution in the growing Dynamics 365 support community through our blog, webinars, and the exclusive content we package for our email newsletter subscribers. What comes free with every implementation package Cobalt offers is already much stronger and in-depth than what you’ll find with most vendors.  

But when you add Cobalt’s managed services and end-user support as a part of your CRM investment, when someone in your organization starts wondering “How do I … ?“ you will have Cobalt’s responsive expertise on tap. Your team will be ready to tackle future problem solving and in-house innovation with a new kind of confidence. You’re essentially hiring an entire tier of the best Dynamics 365 industry experts that are always in such demand — without all the overhead of actually recruiting and hiring those experts.  


No matter which of our two Dynamics 365 Implementation Packages or Cloud Migration Services you choose, count on exceptional training for your staff through the process and when it’s time to roll out your new CRM. But what comes next?  
In our many years of experience, this is one of the most common and critical places that organizations need our help. You’ve made the CRM migration or implementation decision. The project is complete. Your staff has a basic understanding of how to use the new system or adapt their old processes … and everyone gets back to work.  
But what really happens is that rethinking your old processes at a deeper level gets put off. Or the “nice to have” features and potential of your new system land on the back burner. Years later, they still haven’t been touched.  
And by that point, CRM technology, integrations, and the lightning evolution of customer and business needs have changed again. Soon, your system starts to feel outdated, even though you never got half of what it could have delivered. You’re in the same place you were before — stuck, frustrated, and falling behind.  
The ongoing training from Cobalt gives you a solid option for avoiding that cycle of technology adoption and disappointment. Let us help you schedule small, manageable, ongoing training with our team. That consistent investment will pay huge benefits to your staff, processes, your customers’ experience, and likely your bottom line, as well.  
Choose from our standard training courses or let us build a custom class that meets a specific set of needs at your organization. We love this part of our partnerships! It puts everything we’ve worked so hard to learn to work for your team, and we inevitably grow and innovate together.  

Monthly Check-Ins & Backlog Management 

Short, simple, and helpful where you need it. With every managed services subscription, we include a 30-minute monthly check-in call with your account manager. You’ll get dependable, ongoing advice on how to get the most out of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform. We will also maintain a backlog of projects to help you prioritize and schedule future updates. 

License Management

This is an area that traditionally causes some confusion for organizations. On top of that potential frustration, many teams wind up paying more than they need to for their licensing and storage. With our managed services, Cobalt will actively work with you to make sure that you have the appropriate licensing for your staff size and needs.  
Cobalt is a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and we offer a complete, free licensing assessment for teams before you even get started with an implementation project or managed services agreement with our team. 

Let’s Explore Specific Ways Our Managed Services Can Help

You’re investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 — one of the only true, world-class CRM solutions available. Their huge research and development budget and strategic long-term investments and integrations with LinkedIn and other platforms that power business success today are only going to expand what’s possible for your organization.  

Why settle for the lack of support and expertise, or the bare minimum management, that comes with inexperienced CRM vendors? Cobalt has world-class ongoing support and managed services to match the potential of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform — at an affordable rate that often pays for itself in less than a year.

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