Single sign-on with your existing web site gives your users seamless access to content.


Manage your blog, magazine, newsletter, and other publications in one place.

Monetize Content

Create paid subscriptions to your data or content.

The Most Value from Your Content and Subscriptions

After You’ve Chosen An AMS Partner

Cobalt has witnessed the many changes in subscription needs for companies and associations in the last 20 years. We know your organization is probably managing more content and publications than ever before. Users demand a simple sign-up and management interface for subscriptions — if it’s clunky and doesn’t give them a certain level of control, you’ll lose them before they ever see your content. 

To manage the multiplying varieties of your digital and print data or content, your team needs tools to create, assign, and possibly sell customized access. Cobalt’s Subscription Module can help you generate additional revenue now and begin the recruitment nurturing process that turns today’s subscribers into new members/customers tomorrow.

A Look Under the Hood

Here’s an overview of our Subscription Module’s most popular and powerful features:

  • Query-based subscription fees that allow you to charge different amounts based on the subscriber’s profile
  • Online subscription management
  • Management of print, email, or web-based subscriptions including opt-in/opt-out for GDPR compliance
  • Ability to conduct marketing campaigns in Dynamics 365 or your preferred marketing automation platform, based on subscriber lists
  • A sophisticated dashboard which includes metrics such as:
    • Subscriptions by Publication by Fee
    • Subscriptions by Month
    • Actual Revenues by Month (Subscription Orders)
    • Most Active Contacts (Publication Subscriptions)

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