For many years, the phrase “CRM implementation” was synonymous with words like: headache … overwhelming … and expensive. With many CRM vendors, it still means all of those things.  

But after more than 25 years of designing and nailing hundreds of complex customer relationship management solutions, Cobalt has better options that are refined and ready for your organization today. The Dynamics 365 Implementation Packages described below were built with our Microsoft Gold Partner expertise in every corner of this process.  

Look over the highlights of our Standard Implementation Package and our Custom Implementation Package options, and then reach out for a free assessment or product showcase.  

Deep Dynamics 365 Implementation Experience

Cobalt has been in the depths of Microsoft CRM and then Dynamics 365 since 2004. We have seen and done a dozen times the things that most of the new providers in this space haven’t even run into, yet.  

Don’t let your Dynamics 365 implementation project be the way they cut their teeth. There is too much business potential, staff strain, and customer satisfaction depending on your CRM choice and how it functions for your team and whoever you serve. After hundreds of successful CRM implementations, the depth of Cobalt’s experience means there is virtually nothing we can’t build for your team today. 
Many of the organizations we serve come to us with a free or outdated CRM solution. Or maybe they have a system they created themselves with spreadsheets and the best tools they could find.  

One of their top priorities is efficiency. What they have isn’t working — and probably hasn’t been for a long time — and they want a streamlined, secure path forward for their data, staff, processes, and customers. Cobalt has two clear, compelling ways forward. 

Cobalt’s Standard Dynamics 365 Implementation Package

This is almost always the best option for our new customers.  Everything about this package prioritizes putting the powerful core applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online and the amplified potential with the Power Platform in your hands quickly, with significant cost efficiencies.  

Believe us: there is always room for endless customization and maximizing your CRM investment later. You’ll never exhaust everything Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, or Cobalt’s Engagement Dynamics can do.  

But our Standard Dynamics 365 Implementation Package is a strong answer for all your biggest needs today: 

  • Secure data migration to the cloud (and industry-leading protection once it’s there) 
  • Frictionless application integrations that vastly improve efficiency and processes 
  • A true, compelling, 360-degree view of your organization and customers 
  • Powerful data analytics that produce exceptional, real-time business insights 
  • Boundless opportunities for stronger team collaboration across applications 
  • Built-in AI and predictive analytics to recognize and respond to changing customer trends 
  • Software that is adaptable enough to cover every conceivable touchpoint and interaction 
  • Tools for creating and delivering personalized, perfectly timed content to whoever you serve 
  • Essential training for your team from a highly seasoned implementation support crew 

Cobalt’s Custom Dynamics 365 Implementation Package 

If your team has complex or unique requirements, you need a CRM company that can jump right in the deep end with you. Cobalt’s expertise is on full display in the custom applications we build on top of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

With our Custom Dynamics 365 Implementation Package, we can draw on the highly refined modules in our Cobalt Engagement Dynamics suite. You’ll have instant integrations for powerful business applications that include: 

  • Membership 
  • Events 
  • Certification 
  • Marketing 
  • eCommerce 
  • Engagement Tracking 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Portals 
  • Customer Service 
  • Accounting 

With this package option, the door is wide open for our team to build a unique, new module based on your specific business requirements. Clear pricing, a streamlined development timeline, exceptional communication, and more are all a part of Cobalt’s proven process for custom development. 

Empower Your Entire Team with Microsoft’s Fusion Development

If your organization has not explored all that’s possible with Dynamics 365 or the Power Platform, we would love to help you see that. 

The research and development budget, track record for innovation, and level of sophistication you’ll find with out-of-the-box applications in Dynamics 365 are practically bottomless.

And all of that comes with any implementation plan you choose with Cobalt.  

In addition to the packages we offer, however, there is an exciting new opportunity called Fusion Development from Microsoft that your team should know about today. 

What is Fusion Development?

Fusion Development is a term used to describe the ability for non-developer business professionals (“citizen developers”) to quickly create business applications through Microsoft’s Power Apps. Hundreds of prebuilt data connectors give users with limited coding knowledge a way to build custom solutions and new user interfaces. Fusion Development empowers professionals with a deep understanding of business requirements to spearhead solutions, using a tool that is also robust enough for expert coders to leverage in their development work. 

Fusion Development is quickly breaking open new opportunities for collaboration and software innovation from team members across organizational charts.  

Cobalt can fast-track a plan for getting your team up and running with a painless Dynamics 365 implementation. And through our ongoing Dynamics 365 support and managed services, you’ll always have our expertise to add to your in-house resources.  

But when you add the Power Platform and the Fusion Development potential in Power Apps, we’ll show you how to empower your entire team as they bring their brilliant ideas to life in real-time.  

There are two easy, free ways to take a closer look at exactly what Cobalt can provide for your team today.

1. Reach out for a free CRM assessment

Our team of experts know exactly what to ask, where to look, and what your team and data need for a secure, streamlined Dynamics 365 implementation. With a minimal investment of time and effort from your staff, we’ll be able to provide a thorough assessment and custom recommendations for you.

2. Reach out for a custom product showcase

Do some of the Cobalt Engagement Dynamics modules sound valuable for your organization? Want to learn how the Power Platform can meet your specific business needs? General questions about Dynamics 365 applications? Those are all things we can quickly cover in a custom product showcase for your team. 

Product showcases are also a great place to talk about pricing for either of our Dynamics 365 Implementation Packages, step through our implementation process overview milestones, and answer any of your initial questions.