Place interactive content anywhere on your existing website with Cobalt Web Elements.

Forms, Fast

Build and deploy custom forms connected to eCommerce functionality and more in minutes.

Role Control

Control permissions-based content within your CMS based on role assignments tied to customer profiles in Dynamics 365.

Empower More of Your Team with an Integrated Portal

Your CRM and CMS have data and content that you’d like your end-users to interact within a dozen different ways — but you aren’t a developer, and there isn’t the time or budget to have custom code written and deployed. Cobalt’s Portals and Web Elements opens up a world of possibilities for more of your team. They can quickly build landing pages, searchable member directories, custom forms, and much more with confidence.

For example, one of Cobalt’s clients wanted to place an ad hoc donation form on their website after a natural disaster. They were able to do that immediately, and connect it seamlessly to Cobalt’s eCommerce module, thanks to the refined engineering of Cobalt Web Elements. 

Another customer wanted a simple job board on their website, but didn’t want to pay for yet another online tool. So, they built it themselves using Cobalt Web Elements and included the ability for companies to pay for the job listings. 

What Else is on Your Wishlist?

With Cobalt Portals, any member of your team can help customers or members:

  • Create and update their customer profile
  • Review their order history and pay open invoices
  • Purchase items from your store
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Register and pay for an event
  • Make donations
  • Access data from Dynamics 365, including directories and lists tailored to their profile/role

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