Offer Flexible Pricing

Create query-based and time-based registration fees for attendees.

Customize Registration

Build custom forms without writing custom code.

Clear Attendee Insights

Give your event program managers real-time access to data.

Everything You Need to Plan Outstanding Events

You can lessen the event planning stress and complexity of managing attendance sales and registrations, calendars, and more for your team if you bring all these things together in one place. This is one of the most remarkable features of Cobalt’s Events software. The seamless integration with our other modules and Dynamics 365 gives your team the power to see what they need to from one dashboard so they can take action.

Like our other modules, we’ve refined Events with years of development and feedback from hundreds of clients. With Events, you get flexibility and customization options you won’t find elsewhere. Create event pricing based on any information from a user’s profile. For example, offer special rates for attendees from last year’s event, or price events based on an attendee’s location. Do you want to provide early registration discounts or charge more for last-minute registrations? No problem. If you’re going to implement an invitation-only option for exclusive events, you can easily do that with this module.

What about collecting relevant information for event attendees? Before your annual golf tournament, you’ll want to know everyone’s handicap and keep track of food allergies. The custom forms anyone on your team can create and implement on your website will empower more of your team in this process. Even better, fields from these custom forms can be mapped both to and from existing fields in Dynamics 365 to make the user experience seamless for your attendees.

Additional Features: 

  • Process multiple registrations within a single transaction
  • Allow proxy registrations to streamline the administrative process for groups and non-attendees
  • Publish calendars with permission-based views 
  • Create one-click access to register for smaller events
  • Include events offered by industry partners or other organizations
  • Set limits on the maximum number of attendees 
  • Create a waitlist with manual or automatic updates
  • Allow attendees to edit or cancel activities or registrations online themselves
  • Institute date-driven cancellation fees and cut off dates for edits

Key Integrations

The Events module is built for powerful, seamless integration with other core Cobalt modules, including: 

  • Membership
  • eCommerce
  • Subscriptions
  • Portals
  • Engagement Tracking

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