When you start to explore what the Microsoft Power Platform can do for your organization, two things quickly become clear.

First, you will see how much it extends and amplifies what’s possible with the already impressive CRM (Dynamics 365) and productivity (Microsoft 365) offerings from Microsoft. Take in the potent data analytics engine and invaluable insights from Power BI. Expect efficiencies and revenue impact through Power Automate. As the list grows, it’s easy to see how the Power Platform more than earns its name.

But second, you will be impressed with the ways this sophisticated suite of tools and integrations will empower everyone on your team. The no-code and low-code heart of Power Apps is a great example of the way this technology removes the traditional developer know-how prerequisites for innovation. Even better, it still offers a flexible toolset your most seasoned developers will love to leverage.

Power Apps

It has never been easier for team members with no coding expertise to build profoundly useful and innovative solutions.

Power Apps puts that ability in the hands of everyone in your organization with its no-code/low-code core, intuitive UX, and easy deployment design. Your expert developers will appreciate all the ways it extends their capabilities and integration possibilities.

Power Automate

Give your staff the gift of efficiency. With Power Automate’s low-code possibilities in their hands, anyone can easily offload the mundane, repetitive parts of their work.

When they can give their best energy to the things and people that need their attention the most, it can transform your culture, retention, and bottom line.

Power BI

As your systems collect more data than ever about your customers, internal processes, and more, it’s harder to see what you truly need to see in order to take action confidently.

That’s where Power BI makes the biggest difference for decision makers.

Power Virtual

Meet your customers exactly where they are when they need help — even if your staff can’t personally field their request.

With Power Virtual Agents, you can easily build sophisticated chat bots without coding or AI expertise. It comes stocked with hundreds of prebuilt connectors, suggestions for topics and natural language, and streamlined ways to integrate with your products and services.

This Might Be the Greatest Value for Your Team with the Power Platform

Out-of-the-box functionality allows anyone in your organization to build a faster, easier way to do what they do every day — or envision a whole new approach, and make it happen. In the end, the most valuable benefit for your team might be how the Power Platform activates the fuller potential that is locked away in your team members right now.

We can measure the ROI for the Power Platform confidently after years of testing and seeing compelling results across industries. But no one can truly predict the depth or far-reaching impact of the value for your organization when you invest in the Power Platform.

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