Metrics that Matter

We pull all the engagement data you need into one place and provide intuitive controls to configure a transparent picture of each customer’s interaction with your organization.

Incredibly Flexible

Use our preset formulas as a guide, or easily create your own engagement scoring model based on any and all customer activities.

Analyze and Adapt

Take your business to the next level by analyzing this data and adapting to trends that you find in customer engagement.

Flexibility and Transparency Where You Need It

There are times when it really helps for your software to do the thinking for you. Doubtless, you’ve run into times when it would be better to have control over inputs and outputs, though, and have your software work the way you need it to work. We saw the need for both things as we were refining our Engagement Tracking module, so you get a product with optimal flexibility. 

If you want to create an engagement when one of your customers registers for an event and assign it a point value, no problem. Attaching dollar values to engagements is also easy. Another core benefit for your team is the perspective your team members will have with all the data you’re tracking. We’ve given you the ability to flatten all that data and customize what you’re seeing in a way that makes sense for your specific scoring needs.

Get a New View and Focus for Your Engagement Data

Transform your engagement tracking and find the focus your team needs when they can:

  • Track total customer engagement
  • Calculate total customer spend
  • Formulate custom engagement scores with parameters you choose
  • Analyze the scores alongside other metrics for a 360-degree view of your customers

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