One of the most commonly overlooked ways to optimize your CRM investment is to take a closer look your organization’s Dynamics 365 pricing optimization for user licenses and storage. Does everyone on your team need the applications included with their license? It’s not uncommon to save tens of thousands of dollars a year after a licensing assessment and optimization.  

Cobalt’s 25 years of CRM implementations, migrations, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 expertise also extends to licensing. We are a proud Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) with deep experience navigating the complexities and opportunities of Dynamics 365 pricing and Microsoft’s licensing model.  

Don’t get bogged down in the evolving and nuanced pricing details without a confident guide. Learn how Cobalt can help, see a concrete example of the money you could save, and then reach out for a free license assessment with our team. 

Factors We Consider in Your Dynamics 365 Licensing Assessment 

As we dig into what your team is paying for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, there are three things we look at closely.



What are the day-to-day application needs for each user on your team? 



Do the day-to-day needs we’ve mapped out align with each user’s license?



Are the files in your database, file, and log storages necessary, or can they be moved?

How Much Could You Save After Our CSP Licensing Assessment? 

Have you looked into the Power Apps per User and per App licenses? This is one area that frequently allows our customers to find significant savings without a loss of productivity or access for their team.  

In our free assessment, we may find that you could switch a significant number of users from more expensive Dynamics 365 licenses to the more cost-effective Power Apps offerings without sacrificing anything.  

One Savings Example:

Let’s say you are currently paying for 25 Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise licenses. At $95 per user, your monthly expense is $2,375.

Now let’s say that it turns out only 5 of those 25 team members truly need a Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise license and the other 20 would be fully equipped with the Power Apps per App licenses — which are only $10 per user. Then your total monthly expense is $675. 

The $20,400 your organization saved could cover your entire first year of Cobalt’s exceptional ongoing support and managed services.  

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See What Our Dynamics 365 Pricing Optimization Could Save Your Organization Today

This is just one example of the kind of value Cobalt’s expertise with Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform could have for your team. Reach out now for a free Dynamics 365 pricing optimization license assessment and we will help you start getting the most from your CRM investment.

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