Is your association stuck “doing the best we can” in key areas because your AMS software is outdated and doesn’t perform?

It’s hard to calculate the real cost of those headaches for your staff or disappointed member expectations.

Let’s get your team and members the AMS software experience they need to thrive.

Cobalt has focused on association management software solutions for the association space and the challenges you’re facing since 1996. Explore the highlights from Engagement Dynamics, Cobalt’s refined AMS software and let us know if you’d like a quick AMS Tour.

We see Cobalt as one of our strongest partners. This was especially important during the pandemic. We had to quickly reconfigure various elements of our system and even think through some core operational changes. Cobalt’s solution is user-friendly and extremely adaptable, which made it simple to adapt to the new needs of our members. And our support team at Cobalt served as strategic partners through it all – a true extension of our staff.
Charles Redding, CIO – The Institute of Internal Auditors

175+ Associations Count On Cobalt’s AMS Software

A screenshot of Engagement Dynamics, the refined association management software (AMS software) from Cobalt.
A dashboard from Engagement Dynamics, the AMS Software solution from Cobalt.

Cobalt’s AMS Software Experience and the Value for Your Association 

Our association partners count on us for:

  • A solid AMS software solution built on Microsoft’s world-class cloud platform
  • An agile process that delivers the best solutions for your unique challenges
  • A transparent design and implementation process
  • The experience to identify and abate any risks early in the process
  • Support that continues after implementation

Changing Your AMS Software Doesn’t Need to Be Painful or Overwhelming

There are many reasons that associations recognize it’s time to consider an AMS change. Most often, it is because of some deep frustration with your current system or AMS partner. So, you start the process of looking for a new system and partner. At this point, you quickly realize that the most daunting challenge for an association is often the internal cost of change for your team.

Change is invariably hard, especially when your team has been clinging to hard-won work-arounds for an AMS software solution that hasn’t been meeting your true needs. We know exactly how it can seem easier to live with a painful, broken system than to rally the team to start fresh. Some of your staff may not want to overhaul the tedious workflows and processes they’ve learned to live with over the years.

But this is another area where Cobalt’s deep, broad association experience will truly make your next AMS adoption different than any of your previous migrations or implementations. Think of us as a compassionate, confident team of change management experts for associations — as well as AMS software and system aficionados.

Read about the National Association of REALTORS® experience and success with the Cobalt team.

Cobalt Engagement Dynamics Modules

Explore the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Cobalt Engagement Dynamics modules designed to meet your team’s processes and customers’ priorities. Each of these tailored solutions feature out-of-the-box functionality and integrations that will make the transition for your team and customers a smooth and welcome change.

Feature 1


Streamline the application and renewal processes for any number and combination of member types and subtypes. Manage committees, chapters, and all your membership data in one place.

Feature 2


Manage reception events, educational classes and webinars, massive trade shows, and meetings of all sizes with customizable registration forms, variable pricing, waitlist management, and much more.

Feature 3


Monitor critical metrics like total customer spend or engagement scores in an easy-to-consume format. Combine engagement scores with other data to get a 360-degree view of customer engagement.

Feature 1

eCommerce & Accounting

Secure technology to enable credit card processing on the Dynamics 365 platform, including the ability to manage tax, shipping, and the necessary functions to push data to your financial management software.

Feature 2


Manage print, email, and web-based subscriptions for newsletters, blogs, and magazines in one powerful module built to handle fees, marketing campaigns with your subscriber list, and other subscription functions.

Feature 3


Cobalt’s certification module is the most flexible and sophisticated on the market. Define complex initial application and recertification requirements, automate the integration with your testing vendor, and deliver digital badges to your certificants.

Brass Tacks: Cobalt’s Experience and the Value for Your Association

Portals Icon - Web Design

Portals & Web Elements

Create and quickly deploy interactive forms and other elements anywhere on your website.
Manage customer or member access to content based on customized roles and permissions.
Allow your customers to create and manage online profiles.

Let Cobalt Lead Your Team to a Radically Better AMS Software Solution

Whatever the challenges and pain points for your staff and members, we can outline your best options to move forward and get the association management software you need today.

When you schedule a product showcase with our team, we will quickly outline the AMS software packages and configurations that will streamline the migration or implementation process with minimal pain or downtime.

We will also be ready to listen. If you need a customized solution for your association, that’s a core area of expertise we are ready to provide.

Our product showcases are also a great space to cover initial questions about our pricing model and walk your team through some concrete, compelling ways you can put any of our association modules to work. You’ll never exhaust the list of possibilities we’ve created for organizations and members like yours.

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