You can offer your customers seamless online invoicing, payment, and receipt options; online subscription capabilities; and online store functions. All of these features plus time-saving bulk processing are offered through Cobalt’s eCommerce module. This solution allows you to  take the standard orders and invoices included in Dynamics 365 to the next level.

Cobalt eCommerce for Dynamics 365 includes:

  • Payment Processing
    You will be able to process credit card payments and refunds in real time both from Dynamics 365 and your customer portal. You’ll even have tax and shipping functionality, turning your CRM into an order processing and fulfillment application.
  • Scheduled Payments
    Do you want to offer people the ability to pay over time or set up a subscription? Our scheduled payments feature is integrated with our subscription and membership modules and can also be extended to work with your organization’s processes.
  • Online Store
    You’ll have the ability to set up a versatile online store, complete with checkout features, real-time credit card processing, and all of the related accounting and fulfillment functionality you’d expect. Your customers can filter store products, and you can even utilize dynamic pricing based on customer profiles with Cobalt’s tags function.
  • Customer Self-Service
    Customers can review all open and historical orders, pay outstanding invoices, and print receipts. This self-service feature gives your customers simplicity and frees up time for your staff to focus on the more complex issues.
  • Bulk Processing
    Now you can process a large quantity of checks in a single step or select batch controls to distribute the workload. Cobalt’s unique wizard also allows you to select the customer and order/invoice for each payment, so they can be applied in bulk as well. This feature has saved our customers countless hours of manual processing, freeing up staff for other tasks.

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Our Membership software and agile integrations with other Cobalt modules add up to a powerful, flexible option for managing all your membership data and processes.

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