The Microsoft Solutions Partner for Business Applications isn’t easy to get. But Cobalt was recently awarded that designation in recognition of our deep Microsoft expertise, knowledge, and commitment to putting our customers first.

In this brief post, I want to brag about our team for a minute — and break down exactly what the Microsoft Solutions Partner designation means for our customers.

What the Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation Means

The Solutions Partner designation program is connected to the Microsoft Cloud in six key fields; solution areas that are aligned to Microsoft’s key services in the market. Solutions Partners in these service areas have demonstrated a high level of competence as experts in their field.

Achieving this status is recognition of Cobalt’s particular expertise with Business Applications, our extensive experience with client implementations, and all of the Microsoft certifications our staff members have earned.

Though a huge achievement for us, we’re no stranger to recognition from Microsoft. For years, we members of the previous Microsoft Gold Partners program prior to the partner program revamp.

We are delighted to be recognized as a Solutions Partner for Business Applications! This was no easy feat, as the new designations are even more challenging to achieve than the previous Partnerships program.

To be eligible for the Solutions Partner Designation, Cobalt needed to achieve a certain score in three categories – Performance, Skilling, and Customer Success. We also had to achieve some general requirements:

  • demonstrate that we are able to expand our customer base
  • prove that our people are capable of being certified
  • encourage customers to use Microsoft’s products
Partner capability score: Alignment across the Microsoft Cloud

Cobalt’s Recent Investments for Our Customers

We’ve achieved a lot with The Power Platform this year.

We introduced a suite of Power BI dashboard examples to our product offerings. Those include snapshot dashboards for our association and certification partners to track membership, engagement, events, and eCommerce.

In addition, we’ve done deep-dive explorations and written much about how Microsoft Copilot (and other AI sales tools in D365) can be used to streamline and enhance sales operations. Still getting a handle on how AI can help your team? Here’s a great place to start learning how you can use it to your advantage: Microsoft Copilot.

An email drafted by Microsoft Copilot with the field users can type into to suggest changes they want to see in the content.
viva sales? more like viva la copilot

And most importantly, we’ve prioritized The Power Platform to be at the forefront of our product efforts. The Solutions Partner designation is designed to differentiate us with our deep technical expertise and experience. We love that our customers have greater confidence when we prove we’re able to proactively help meet specific needs and get the most out of their AMS or CRM.

Benefits with a Microsoft Solutions Partner

As a Solutions Partner for Business Applications, Cobalt has demonstrated our ability to deliver solutions with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform. If you aren’t currently working with us now, we’d love to connect with your team to show you exactly where our expertise would pay off for you.

Everything from Microsoft license optimization that saves teams money to how we orchestrate a seamless CRM implementation to helping mid-sized associations and SMBs find new efficiencies and stronger revenue are on the table for you. We have the right skills and experience to meet your needs!

If you are a current customer, you’ve seen the dedication and skillsets we bring to all your projects, support requests, and implementations. While the Solutions Partner designation confirms all of that (and gives us a shiny ribbon to show off!), it also comes with perks that impact our existing customers directly.

Our partner designation gives us access to resources, training, and support from Microsoft to help you get the most out of Dynamics 365 and The Power Platform.

Buzzworthy features like Copilot’s AI tools? We get early access so we can learn more about how to use them most effectively. And that means we can introduce them to our customers sooner, so they can take advantage of the best new tech.

Our entire team at Cobalt is so proud to be named an official Microsoft Solutions Partner for the Business Applications space. Reach out for a quick introduction call so we can answer your AMS or CRM questions and put our expertise to work for your organization!