Let’s Take the Mystery out of Marketing for Your Team

D365 Marketing

Dynamics 365 Marketing brings together daily marketing empowerment for your team and stunning simplicity for users and customers. Marketing does not need to be hard for your team anymore, or even something you necessarily need to outsource. Dynamics 365 Marketing can fit seamlessly with your current sales processes to truly drive stronger lead acquisition and higher quality sales prospects. It can also strengthen your customer retention and cross-selling impact.

Explore the highlights of the value Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing offers, and then connect with Cobalt’s team for a product showcase. That is where we can get very specific, very quickly, about the benefits and projected ROI for your team.

Make Marketing Simple

Microsoft has eliminated the tedious headaches of creating customer journeys for emails, follow-ups, phone calls, and more with an intuitive interface, templates, and suggestions built directly into Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Create a simple customer journey in minutes through a drag-and-drop tool with clear presets and configurations. You will immediately have real-time, built-in reporting visualizations about how those journeys are performing, along with everything you need to make quick adjustments.

Deep, seamless standard integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Voice, Teams, Outlook mean you are always able to communicate and collaborate effectively and immediately with internal team members and your customers.

Advanced, add-on integrations with Power BI and other components of the Microsoft Power Platform and Office ecosystem will empower your internal stakeholders for savvy marketing work — and blow your customers away with personalized, one-to-one engagement that matters to them.

Marketing Empowerment and Direction For Your Team

Dynamics 365 Marketing has powerful tools for all the essentials of both inbound and outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing Fundamentals

Create purposeful customer journeys, adaptable forms for your website and apps, landing pages that pop and convert prospects to leads, and deep, real-time insights about how customers are interacting with your site and marketing funnels.

Advanced Outbound Marketing Support

Craft effective, compelling prospect and customer emails, telephone scripts, social media content, and more. Natural language AI-assistance means that nobody on your team needs to be a copywriting genius to generate marketing efforts that are targeted and always on-brand. Easily integrate, schedule, and monitor your social media marketing efforts, event promotion and follow-up outreach, LinkedIn lead generation, and other marketing priorities that directly impact your sales efforts.

The Right Marketing Insights and Powerful Ways to Take Action

One of the strongest values that Dynamics 365 Marketing delivers is the depth and effectiveness of personalization for communication across any touch point with customers and prospects. D365 Marketing brings all of that data together to provide real-time assistance for guided calling and outreach.

Those insights easily translate into customer-led journeys that drive stronger lead acquisition, retention, and conversion. Anyone on your team will be equipped to engage whoever you serve at any point on their customer journey.

Integrations That Amplify Your Marketing Efforts

Your team will be impressed with the out-of-the-box features, layers of AI-assistance, intuitive interface, and everything else that comes with a standard Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation. But the value and depth of insights multiplies many times over when you stack these integrated tools from the Microsoft ecosystem with D365 Marketing.

D365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales

With a D365 Sales and D365 Marketing package, you will immediately solve so many of the classic misalignments between sales and marketing teams. Even better, if your marketing team is small to non-existent, your sales team will have a powerful, intuitive, accessible suite of essential marketing tools baked right into the interface of their primary sales support software.

Dynamics 365 Sales helps sellers shorten sales cycles, communicate and collaborate with blazing efficiency, and ultimately sell more. Plugging in the inbound and outbound marketing tools that come with Dynamics 365 Marketing will only amplify your sales efforts by increasing the number and quality of your lead prospects and upsell/cross-sell opportunities with current customers. Explore more of the value of Dynamics 365 Sales now.

Power BI Icon

Power BI

The dashboards, data visualizations, and accessible report-generation capabilities for everyone in your organization continue to make Power BI a market-leading business intelligence tool for decision makers.

When you connect Power BI and the rest of the Power Platform suite to Dynamics 365 Marketing, you will empower everyone in your company to see exactly how their marketing efforts are impacting KPIs, milestones, and ROI that are connected with your current business prioritie

Customer Insights

This is where truly bleeding-edge AI insights and data integration come together. You will be at the helm of one of the most advanced systems for building a comprehensive, true 360-degree view of your customer that has ever been created.

Customer Insights offers highly-advanced tools to capture customer sentiment, and then analyze and interpret the ways they are interacting with your website, messages, or real-time conversations. All of this delivers empowering intelligence about your customers’ true needs — and what you need to do to move them down the buyer’s journey or customer retention path.

A Partner That Knows How to Adapt D365 Marketing for Your Company

Our team at Cobalt has deep Microsoft experience that goes back to the earliest days of Dynamics CRM and through all the changes of Dynamics 365. When you partner with us, you get a Microsoft Gold-Certified vendor who understands the sales and marketing needs of SMBs (1-500 employees) because that is who we are, too.

We can show you precisely how we have adapted and continue to refine marketing workflows for customer journeys, how to use Customer Voice to take the heavy lift out of regular, effective customer surveys, and so much more. Our team will not only ensure a clear, secure, seamless implementation and initial training with Dynamics 365 Marketing, but also be there when you want to really put it to work for your company.

Cobalt’s Dynamics 365 for Marketing Implementation Packages

Cobalt believes that implementation both D365 Sales and Marketing together is the optimal solution, but many of our customers already have D365 Sales up and running. For this reason, we offer D365 Marketing as either as a bolt-on to your existing D365 Sales implementation or as add-on to a Cobalt D365 Sales implementation to be done in parallel.