Is your certification program growing or shrinking? Are you operating in the shadow of competing organizations or possibly a changing landscape in your industry? Can your team members efficiently track the status of your applicants and produce actionable reports? If these are the questions keeping you up at night, it’s time to consider a better way.

5 reasons the reputation of your certification may be declining

  1. Customers are frustrated with lagging service; you’re struggling to keep up.
  2. Executives and the board can’t make informed decisions due to lack of access to quality data.
  3. Certification data is incomplete, making interactions impersonal and less effective.
  4. Multiple or antiquated data systems are resulting in inefficiencies and unnecessary IT overhead, as well as pulling down staff morale.
  5. Clunky systems open the door to competitors to provide a better experience.

Discover how a modern certification management system streamlines operations

If you’re operating out of a tangled mess of Excel spreadsheets, email databases, and even manual systems, see what’s possible with a certification management system built on advanced technology.

  • Get online applications & customer self-service tools that integrate with mobile-friendly websites
  • Automate processes that are manual, such as tracking application steps
  • Visualize data and make better decisions with dashboards, customer history, and more
  • Third party integration and data consolidation
  • Built on a commercial CRM platform designed to track interaction and engagement

Remaining relevant requires keeping pace

If you can’t deliver a  user-friendly experience, your certification program may be destined for decline. The status quo may not be good enough in the face of competition or dissatisfied customers.

  • Your customers are embracing technology and they expect the same from you
  • To delay is to invite competition that could provide a better platform and user experience
  • Specialized certifications may be reducing your program value in the Industry
  • Industry associations may be competing with more robust programs
  • The cost of doing nothing is steep and impacts both your team and your growth opportunities

Cobalt Certification Dynamics enables you to strengthen and expand your offerings, resulting in revenue growth.

Don’t get trapped playing defense. Cobalt’s innovative certification platform enables you to bolt on and build out features that create value for your certificants and efficiencies for your team members.

  • Build out new components for your certification programs, such as new modules, improved self-service tools, automated reminders, and more
  • Streamline processes and automate workflows for your team
  • Integrate with best-in-class tools for your customers and your organization using our open API
  • Built on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform

Cobalt partners with you to safely make the transition

Cobalt is more than a vendor. We partner with you to guide you through the process of changing platforms. We also provide support after the project is done.

  • Cobalt has extensive certification experience
  • We carefully tailor the transition process
  • Our agile implementation process is efficient
  • We’re dedicated to team continuity throughout the process
  • Unlimited end-user support included