When it comes to hosting Microsoft Dynamics 365 there are a number of different options: you can go with the online version hosted by Microsoft, you can host it yourself, or you can work with a Microsoft hosting partner like Cobalt to host your Dynamics 365 instance.

We strongly believe that your first choice should be to go with Dynamics 365 Online, but sometimes there are reasons that you want or need an alternate solution. If you are looking to move online, you can read more about our Cloud Migration Services.

If your database is extremely large, the cost of the Microsoft online option can often be prohibitive. Additionally, Cobalt can offer more control over scalability by offering flexible load balancing options. This is particularly helpful if you have a relatively small staff, but you have integrations or a customer portal connected to Dynamics 365 that gets a lot of traffic.  

Cobalt Hosting Solutions

Cobalt offers Dynamics 365 hosting through the Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) program. This program allows Cobalt to offer Dynamics 365 and its required components (Windows Server and SQL Server) on a subscription basis to our customers. In order to optimize performance, we leverage KEMP LoadMaster to allow us to scale your Dynamics 365 instance to meet your traffic and availability.

Dynamics CRM Hosting Options and Pricing

We currently offer two hosting configurations. Of course, we can also customize a solution to meet your needs as well.  

Standard Hosting | 3 Virtual Machines – $12,000/year

This solution is typically good for less than 50 Dynamics 365 users with limited external integrations.

  • 2 Dynamics 365 Server VMs
  • 1 SQL Server VM (250GB of Data Storage)

High-Performance Hosting | 5 Virtual Machines – $24,000/year

This option will easily handle up to 250 Dynamics 365 users with extensive integrations .

  • 4 Dynamics 365 Server VMS
  • 1 SQL Server VMs (500GB of Data Storage)

Custom High-Performance Hosting

If you have needs that are beyond the high performance option or have specific needs (e.g. peaks and valleys in your traffic/demand or seasonal staff), our team can help you create a custom solution. We have been hosting Dynamics CRM/365 for more than 15 years and have extensive experience tailoring solutions for our customers.

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Our Hosted Dynamics 365 Infrastructure

Cobalt has partnered with companies that are proven leaders in their industries and are able to offer high quality services and support as well as industry-leading uptime guarantees.

Cobalt uses Equinix as its data center provider for their global footprint, unmatched network cross-connections, and extensive history of exceeding their power and environmental SLAs.

Cobalt uses Internap for Internet connectivity. Internap uses a minimum of seven different backbone providers and therefore is able to provide a 100% uptime guarantee.

Cobalt takes security for its hosting operations extremely seriously. That is why we have partnered with Palo Alto Networks for security hardware and SecureWorks for security management and monitoring. These two security firms have been recognized as leaders in their industries by Gartner in their magic quadrant for the last several years.

Backup is another critical area for hosting operations. In this area, Cobalt leverages the massive scale of Microsoft’s Azure infrastructure and the built-in integration with Microsoft servers and applications. In particular, we use the extensive Azure backup capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server, providing for extremely rapid backup and restore capabilities.

Dynamics CRM Hosting Pricing and Options for Your Organization

Connect with the Cobalt team for a hassle-free consultation that is much more than a glorified sales pitch. We can quickly help you understand the details of our hosting packages, assess your organization’s needs and best options, answer your questions, and provide clear next steps for your team if you need Dynamics CRM hosting with Cobalt. Learn more and schedule your free consultation now.