The ongoing support for Dynamics 365 Cobalt provides to trained end-users with an active SaaS or support agreement is unique in the industry.

  • Every support request is handled in-house by our team of experts.
  • Our median response time is 45 minutes.
  • We include free “How do I …?” questions for any trained member of your team.
  • We boast a 97.8% satisfaction rating across 3600 reviews in 2023.

From the everyday administration to the most complex technical questions, we’ve got you covered with decades of support for Dynamics 365.

Are you dealing with long wait times for support tickets or an unresponsive CRM vendor? Does your Dynamics 365 partner have the depth of experience to help you get the most out of your CRM investment? These are some of the most common complaints we hear when teams are considering a switch to a new CRM or vendor.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to Cobalt’s support team and some of the ways their expertise provides value that other vendors can’t. Read more about our managed services and support for Dynamics 365 and let us know if you’re ready to connect for a brief intro call with our team.

Measurable Sales Impact with Support for Dynamics 365

Dependable, responsive support ensures your CRM is optimized to cater to your unique needs. A recent independent study by Forrester highlights the value of the right support for Dynamics 365 with sales teams.

They found that employees were able to work on 2% more business opportunities and increase deal close rates by 3%, totaling in 6% more closed business. Stronger efficiencies, increased productivity, and higher revenues are part of what you should expect with a Dynamics 365 vendor that can help you continually maximize the value of your CRM as needs change.

CRM Training That Paves the Way

Training during and after your Dynamics 365 implementation is one of the biggest ways to ensure buy-in from your team and a smoother transition to a new CRM. But what about the inevitable questions that come up after that initial training? As Microsoft rolls out new features and tools in Dynamics 365, what’s the easiest way for your team to take advantage and stay current on best practices?

This is another area where Cobalt’s support for Dynamics 365 stands out in the field of CRM vendors. We’re constantly exploring, testing, and actively using all the tools we sell. After all, we’re a growing SMB in the B2B space. Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics Customer Insights (formerly Dynamics 365 Marketing), and The Power Platform are the core components of our tech stack.

We’re multiplying our qualified leads, improving our sales processes, automating manual tasks, shortening our sales cycle, and closing more deals. And we love to show teams exactly how to use Dynamics 365 to succeed.

And again: we offer free “How do I …?” questions for trained members of your team. That means we’re right here when you want help with:

  • Generating the reports you need for decision making
  • Configuring Dynamics 365 for a new business process
  • Customizing the dashboards you depend on for visibility into your CRM data
  • Ensuring your sales team are all using the same cadences and outreach
  • Tracking your sales pipeline management effectiveness
  • Managing integrations with other systems, apps, and tools

Lightning-Fast Response Times

A lightning-fast response when you need support for Dynamics 365 questions or changes can have a huge impact, especially when you’re under deadline or trying to make an agile pivot in your market.

With an average response time of 45 minutes, our support team you’ll have the answers you need when you need them. You’ll never wait more than an hour for attention and a response to an urgent support ticket. We guaranteed this in our service level agreement.

We’ve been offering Dynamics 365 support and managed services for as long as Dynamics 365 has been offered. So, we’ve grooved a reliable, painless system for submitting a support ticket.

With Cobalt, you’ll also have access to our free online knowledge base. It’s full of helpful information that addresses some of the most common Dynamics 365 questions that come up.

Some of our partners prefer to get in touch by email or just connect with a phone call. That’s no problem, and we’re happy to connect in the ways you prefer. For urgent issues outside of normal business hours, our on-call agents will be available. Our support team even has an alert system that will notify us when something’s severely wrong – so by the time you notice it, we’re already on it.

Support for Dynamics 365 Documentation

These days, a lot of organizations opt for highly customized CRM systems for their staff. The problem? Remembering how to do that thing … that you haven’t done in a while … and you always have to ask your coworker to help you out.

Our clients have access to our Cobalt Product Knowledge Base as well as their own knowledge base for custom work that was done for their new system. Not only will it save you from the scramble to remember, but it’s also a quick way to onboard new staff members to your processes.

Cobalt Support for Dynamics 365 online knowledge base.

Let’s Connect About Your Support for Dynamics 365

Ongoing support, training, and a responsive, proactive Dynamics 365 partner make all the difference between having a neglected, frustrating CRM and finding the real CRM ROI we’ve seen.

We serve a wide array of associations, certification boards, accreditation organizations, and SMBs across a diverse range of industries. Dynamics 365 is built with the power and flexibility to serve some of the largest enterprise organizations in the world — but it’s still priced to be a better value than Salesforce, HubSpot, and other popular CRMs.

Let’s connect and talk about the specific ways our support for Dynamics 365 would make a positive difference for your team.

Connect to Discuss Our Dynamics 365 Managed Support Services

What if your team could stay more focused on your members and customers instead of more extensive CRM training and always trying to keep up with best practices? Let’s connect for a quick intro call to outline where Cobalt’s Dynamics 365 managed support services can help!

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