Finding an SMB sales and marketing solution that fits your teams needs and budget can be tough. There are more options than ever. Feature sets are hard to compare. And pricing gets confusing, fast. Jason Preston, our Director of Sales at Cobalt, and Anne Zemlick-Hayes, Channel Director at ClickDimensions, delved into the world of SMB sales and marketing solutions in a recent webinar.

They looked at the most common challenges teams face today and introduce a new right-fit solution for small and medium-sized organizations. PowerPack by ClickDimensions is built on the Microsoft Power Platform and offers hand-picked essential tools for teams that don’t need enterprise-level software. Check out this SMB sales and marketing package and let us know if you want to learn more.

Familiar SMS Sales Challenges 

SMBs have an increasingly critical need for more accessible and cost-effective sales and marketing solutions. Traditional marketing and sales approaches have become outdated, with 80% of purchase decisions now influenced by buying groups. Rather than a focus on opportunities, the “lead” has taken center stage in driving activities. 

Today’s customers are more informed and value their experience, making it imperative for companies to adapt their sales and marketing strategies accordingly. Smaller teams often face unique challenges when it comes to modernizing their sales and marketing efforts. 

  1. Affordability: Limited budgets often prevent SMBs from investing in expensive CRM and marketing technology. 
  2. Resources: Marketing is frequently undervalued compared to sales, resulting in understaffed or under-skilled marketing teams. 
  3. Process: The lack of a clear process for converting leads into revenue can lead to confusion and ineffective CRM implementations. 
  4. Adoption: Achieving successful adoption is hindered by dissenting opinions within the organization, making buy-in from various departments, including the CEO, crucial. 

Introducing ClickDimensions PowerPack 

ClickDimensions offers a better approach to SMB sales and marketing, with expertise backed by over 5,000 CRM and marketing automation implementations, and recommendations from collaborations with industry giants like Gartner, Forrester, and SBI. ClickDimensions combines buyer-centricity with Forrester’s Revenue Waterfall concept to provide SMBs with a winning sales and marketing strategy, ClickDimensions PowerPack.  

PowerPack unifies sales and marketing efforts, combining CRM, marketing automation, and sales engagement into an all-in-one solution, enabling SMBs to streamline their approach through: 

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): PowerPack’s CRM component simplifies account and buying group management. It allows SMBs to efficiently organize and track interactions with customers and prospects. Sellers can monitor the progress of opportunities, compare them to expected sales cycles, and prioritize efforts accordingly. When an opportunity isn’t ready for conversion, the CRM easily redirects the account back to marketing for nurturing until it’s ready to move forward. 
  • Marketing Automation: With PowerPack’s robust marketing automation capabilities, SMBs can execute highly effective campaigns. It empowers businesses to conduct inbound marketing to attract and engage prospects, implement account-based marketing strategies to target key accounts, orchestrate multichannel campaigns for maximum reach, and efficiently manage and optimize campaigns. 
  • Sales Engagement: PowerPack’s sales engagement features are designed to streamline the sales process and drive higher engagement and close rates. It offers predefined sales sequences that remove guesswork, guiding sales teams on the most effective actions to take. Additionally, the closed-loop system ensures that qualified accounts seamlessly transition to sales for personalized follow-up, resulting in more successful conversions. 

These key features collectively empower SMBs to streamline their sales and marketing processes, improve customer engagement, and enhance their overall business operations. By providing a unified platform that covers all essential aspects of sales and marketing for SMBs ClickDimensions PowerPack ensures that organizations have the tools they need to thrive in the competitive business landscape. 

ClickDimensions PowerPack Generates SMB Sales and Marketing Success 

SMBs are currently underserved in the sales and marketing technology space. ClickDimensions PowerPack offers a compelling all-in-one solution that unifies SMB sales and marketing efforts. 

With a strong focus on affordability, resource optimization, clear processes, and organizational buy-in, SMBs can leverage PowerPack to drive growth and success in the ever-changing world of sales and marketing. To learn more about ClickDimensions PowerPack, get in touch with us or watch the recording of this informative session.