Our 3.9 upgrade introduces the highly requested Universal Shopping Cart experience for Portal Users. Now users can register for meetings, classes, and purchase products all within a single, streamlined, checkout experience. Coupon functionality has also been updated so users can shop and save with ease.

Want to buy a hat to wear to that upcoming class? We’ve got you covered.


Purchasing products shouldn’t be a hassle. Streamlining the checkout process so that users can pay for all their items at once makes for a much friendlier buying experience. Happy customers are frequent customers!

What’s Changed?

  • Universal Shopping Cart functionality is now available to be enabled. This is configurable, but we recommend that you stick with whatever decision you make.
  • Users will now be prompted to add items to the shopping cart instead of completing the check-out process. This includes items that aren’t actual items, such as Meeting Registrations, Class Registrations, Subscriptions, and any custom processes. Put all of it in the shopping cart – treat yourself.
  • Coupon behavior has also been updated for the cart, and we added some new features:
    • The coupon field now only appears on the cart page, rather than on each order summary page. ✨minimalism
    • Helpful validation messages appear when a coupon code is entered but is invalid due to expiration, etc.

How Does it Work?

  • The shopping cart will hold onto added items, even if you log out. We get it, we need to step away and think about our purchases too.
    • If the person is no longer eligible to purchase an item (like if they missed the deadline for an early bird pricing option), that item will be removed from the cart.
  • Decide you don’t need that branded tote bag? Want to buy memberships for the whole family? You can edit and remove existing cart items at any time.

Want to learn more about this feature? Check out our release notes.