Helping your team master some of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 fundamentals should be a critical part of your Dynamics 365 implementation plan. Even still, we are convinced that your heaviest Dynamics 365 or Power Platform users haven’t seen the limits of what your CRM or association management software and integrated tools can do. 

This is what our team does all day, every day (for over 20 years, now), and we’re still learning and innovating as the Microsoft suite evolves. All of the Cobalt software associations, certification organizations, accreditation bodies, and small businesses take the power and flexibility of Dynamics and extend the scope and value of what your team can do for your members or end-users. Here’s a way that your team can start to see what else the Power Platform and advanced features of Dynamics 365 can do for your team: watch the latest installment in our webinar series. It’s a walkthrough of one of the coolest highlights from our annual working retreat. We call it our Hackathon and here are the rules:

  1. Each team has six hours to develop a creative solution that could be applicable to Cobalt’s customers
  2. Each solution needed to use at least two of Microsoft’s Power Platform applications
  3. Each team could only use Cobalt and Power Platform software that has already been developed — no custom coding allowed

A big part of the Hackathon Challenge is creating conditions and constraints that are similar to what our clients face each day and then leaning into the flexibility we’ve built into our products.

What you can do for your users should only be limited by your creativity. Check out the archived webinar now — we truly believe you’ll be impressed with what’s possible for your team when you get more from Dynamics 365 and Cobalt software solutions.