When you think about all the changes in the certification industry over the last 10 years, do you think any of it compares with all the adjustments you’ve had to make recently?

How has your certification management software system been helping — or holding your team back? 

Many organizations are still in a phase where they’re learning how to make the most of their learning management system (LMS). Others are working to shift from in-person to virtual training/education offerings effectively. The pandemic amplified all of the old challenges and presented a host of new ones.

Because Cobalt has worked closely with certification organizations for more than 22 years, we know what you are up against right now. We’ve also seen the tremendous gains organizations find through our certification management software working seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our solutions and support have been even more critical for teams that needed to adapt quickly to the pandemic landscape and realities. That has taken many forms, including:

  • Improving efficiencies for your staff — and customer service for your customers — through workflow automation and a more integrated, seamless approval process.
  • Dramatically improving the end-user experience with our open API design that creates better integrations with your LMS, badging system, website content management system (CMS), and other core systems.
  • Access to the relevant client data your executive team needs to understand the seismic shift in user trends and take action quickly.

Where Does Your Certification Organization Need Support?

Perhaps your team recently made the transition from manual processes to digital systems and ways of tracking key data points. In reality, it takes time after an implementation to truly adopt some optimized ways of working, and right now it might not feel like you have time to spare. 

Or, maybe you’ve been up and running with a certification management system for a while but it’s hard to see what else is possible. There’s no shortage of choices for software integrations — which ones will really make a difference for your clients and your team?

We covered issues just like this in our recent webinar that’s geared specifically for certification organizations like yours: Easy Ways to Streamline Your Certification Process. In the webinar, we walked through:

  • Using guided business processes to track where candidates are in their certification lifecycle
  • Reviewing and approving special accommodations requests from your inbox (this is really cool)
  • Self-service options for certification maintenance and recertification

Watch the archived copy of our webinar now. Then, get in touch with our team about a product showcase so you can take a closer look at Cobalt’s certification solutions. In a showcase, we will dive deeper into the certification application submission and review process. We will also show you our testing provider integration and the flexible reporting solutions Cobalt Engagement Dynamics has to offer.