Cobalt Web Elements

We’re really excited about the Cobalt Web Elements functionality that’s included in the 2.8 release. In 2.7.1 we significantly expanded the integration capabilities in our products, establishing our products as CMS-agnostic in that SSO (single sign-on) is possible out of the box with almost every major CMS in the market.

In this release, we’ve really focused on expanding the universe of what we used to call portal widgets and are now referring to as Web Elements, and CRM data that can be used as Web Elements to be dropped into your CMS. We’ve also added a really robust yet simple Web Element Designer so you can customize the Web Elements and create custom lists or grids of CRM data to be shown on your website.

The Web Element Designer lets you customize the style and format of your Web Element outputting a simple HTML script that can be copied and pasted into your CMS page.

Profile Elements

  • Home Page/Login
  • User Profile Control
  • User Profile Update
  • Account Balance Control

Event Elements

  • Full Event Calendar
  • Event Calendar Control
  • Upcoming Meetings List
  • Upcoming Meetings Control
  • My Meetings
  • Upcoming Classes List
  • My Classes

E-Commerce Elements

  • Online Store
  • My Orders

Create Your Own Custom Elements

Our Web Element Designer allows you to customize and display your CRM views in various formats right in your website! These can be contextual to the logged-in user or simple lists or grids.

  • Customize how your CRM views are formatted for your website!
  • Display images stored in CRM on your website!
  • Users can VIEW, ADD, EDIT, or DELETE CRM records from the custom web element on your website!

Bug Fixes

The 2.8 release is heavily focused on bug fixes. We’ve addressed many cosmetic, functional, and architectural issues in this release that provide for a more polished user experience in both CRM and the portal. The major areas that were addressed:

Portal Formatting & Style

  • Improved responsive design and resolved formatting issues at various aspects.
  • Updated portal CSS for deeper functional compatibility with WYSIWYG HTML editor implemented in Release 2.7.


  • More logical confirmation screen for the Payment Wizard.
  • Credit Wizard updated for better user experience.
  • Meeting Registrations count logical fix.
  • Meeting Registration process updates and bug fixes.
  • Improved Forgot Password experience.
  • Certification Application auditting improvements.


  • Improved performance for portal file upload.
  • Cache performance updates.
  • Dues Proration time zone issue fix.
  • SSO updates.

System Enhancements

The enhancements that went into Release 2.8 aren’t immediately apparent as they’re generally architectural enhancements we’ve added to our product to improve scaleability and future-proof our product so that customers layer functionality can be customized with minimal effort and changes to our base logic. These enhancements go a long way in making our product a solution that grows with your organization as it experiences growth and change.