Portal Widgets

Cobalt’s Portal Widgets give customers the ability to seamlessly integrate any Cobalt Portal with their existing website. Instead of redirecting customers to a standalone Portal, Cobalt Portal Widgets can be embedded by pasting the widget HTML and JavaScript markup into an integrated content management system! Out of the box, Cobalt’s Portal Widgets are configured to work with:

  • Higher Logic
  • Sitefinity
  • WordPress

We’re constantly expanding the list of out of the box configurations, but truthfully once single sign-on has been established, the Portal Widgets should work with any content management system.

Higher Logic Integration

The integration between Cobalt and Higher Logic Community sites drives object creation on the site from the vast amount of up to date member data that you already track in Cobalt. The integration ensures that your members interact with the most up to date member data, boosting member participation, collaboration and retention. After the integration is in place, it is not necessary to complete any additional work to ensure that the data reflected on your community site remains synchronized with Cobalt. Given that Higher Logic is a consumer of data from Cobalt, a periodic check of changed records in Cobalt (Periodic Refresh) coupled with a comprehensive refresh of each updated record (Member Refresh) yields a robustly integrated ecosystem. Optionally, activities from the community site can be written back to a member’s record in Cobalt.

This is a turnkey CRM solution to integrate Higher Logic communities with Cobalt’s Portals and CRM back office. There are several integration points to create a robust experience for your community members.


Cobalt’s SAML IDP provides customers with an option to establish single sign-on with Cobalt’s portal. The SAML IDP can be used to integrate with WordPress and other content management systems. Once SSO has been achieved, Cobalt’s Portal Widgets will be enabled for that content management system.

Cobalt API

Cobalt’s API was built to provide customers with an option for writing data sharing integrations with their own or 3rd party applications and Cobalt’s products.