Membership Dynamics

Next Generation Membership Management System


Cobalt Membership Dynamics is more than just a tool to efficiently manage your members – it’s a flexible, user-friendly membership management system that enables you to ENGAGE, RETAIN, and GROW your member base. Built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and featuring a robust online self-service portal, Membership Dynamics streamlines the everyday functions of your organization while providing insight into who your members are so that you can focus on connecting with them in meaningful ways.

Committees & Volunteers

Complete committees module that allows you to manage committee rosters, track committee history and process nominations and volunteer applications.


Ability to manage pledges and donations to multiple funds including the ability to include an option donation with a recommended amount on dues renewals.


Membership Dynamics includes the many prebuilt dashboards as well as the ability to create your own charts, lists and dashboards.

Workflows & Business Rules

The CRM platform includes the ability to create automated business rules and workflows wihtout a line of code. This includes creating and updating records as well as sending emails based on triggers and conditions in the sytem.