Migration Dynamics was built specifically to do one thing: to migrate your on-premises CRM data to CRM Online without any interruption to your business. Migration Dynamics is the only Dynamics 365 migration solution that includes intelligent mapping and requires zero downtime. Now you can move your CRM data without needing to freeze users out or require double entry of data. In addition, the solution was purpose-built for Dynamics CRM/365, so you don’t need any technical experience to use this powerful tool.


Migration Dynamics is a purpose-built tool for migrating and replicating CRM data. Many third-party tools are built for integrating a variety of disconnected systems, so users must be intimately familiar with the structure of the CRM data. Microsoft Import tools on the other hand, are designed to import small amounts of data, not whole systems.

Intelligent Mapping

Migration Dynamics is a tool that does the heavy lifting for you by reading the schema and metadata and intelligently pushing it to CRM Online. It won’t leave you worrying about the complex rules for creating records in CRM or having to do multiple passes at the data in order to create all of those relationships.

Zero Downtime

Continue to use your current CRM organization while migrating to CRM Online. This means you or your clients don’t have to freeze data in order to move or that you have to wait for the next long weekend and hope it’s enough time to complete the migration.


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