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Cobalt is constantly working to enhance its product offerings to provide our customers, and their customers, the best possible user experience. Below are the release notes for Engagement DynamicsMembership Dynamics and Certification Dynamics as well as a history of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 releases dating back to the beginning of 2015.  To see what’s coming next, check out the Product Road Map page.

Cobalt Release 3.2

(Q2 2017)

The 3.2 release was our first feature release on our new 3.x code and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. We focused on some key items in our backlog including enhancements to our events and forms modules. We also focused on ensure compatibility for December 2016 Update for Dynamics 365 (version 8.2) and SQL Server 2016.

Read the Full Release Notes

Cobalt Release 3.1 (Q1 2017)

This release was focused exclusively on performance improvements so most of the changes were behind the scenes. Read the Full Release Notes

Cobalt Release 3.0

(Q4 2016)

Solutions Overhaul

For this release, we reworked the architecture our solutions and updated all the forms, views and dashboards to take full advantage of the latest features available from Microsoft and to make the products easier to upgrade in the future.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

(Q4 2016)

The December 2016 update for Dynamics CRM came with a new name – Dynamics 365. This update was available for online and on-premises environments. While much of the focus was on the new name, a lot of great new features were introduced with this version as well.

  • Dynamics 365 App for Outlook Enhancements
  • Relationship Insights (Preview)
  • Learning Path
  • Concurrently Running Business Processes
  • Interactive Service Hub Enhancements
  • Relevance Search Enhancements for (Online Only)
  • Editable Grids
  • Office 365 Groups Enhancements (Online Only)
  • Live Assist Powered by CaféX (Preview & Online Only)

For more information on this release, check out What’s New for Dynamics 365.

Cobalt Release 2.10

(Q2 2016)

Performance Enhancements

The main focus of this release was improved performance especially for your end customers/members.


We’ve completely overhauled the receipts on the web portal so that they can be printed easily. They are also stored in CRM so that staff can resend them to customers on demand.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

This release is fully compatible with CRM 2016 including the latest CRM Online release.

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Cobalt Release 2.9

(Q1 2016)

HTML Receipts

In this release we swapped out our PDF receipts for HTML versions that can be printed or sent via email to the customer.

Excel Template Reports

To adapt to the requirements of CRM Online, we are leveraging the new Document Template functionality in CRM 2016. We have recreated our existing Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports using Excel Templates.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

(Q4 2015)

CRM Online and On-Premises Update

The fall-wave update was for both CRM Online and on-prem, bringing Carina (CRM 2015 Update 1) updates to on-premises customers and introducing new features to both. Here’s a quick list of items included in this release:

  • CRM App for Outlook
  • Excel Integration
  • OneDrive for Business Integration
  • Word & Excel Templates
  • Cortana Integration
  • Voice of the Customer (Online Only)
  • Interactive Service Hub
  • Enhanced Knowledge Base

For a full rundown of all the new features, download the Release Preview Guide.

Cobalt Release 2.8

(Q4 2015)

Cobalt Portal Widgets & CMS Configurations

More widget controls available to customers out of the box. Expanded out of the box configurations to include more content management systems.

Web Element Designer

The Web Element Designer lets you customize the style and format of your Web Element outputting a simple HTML script that can be copied and pasted into your CMS page.

View the Full Release Notes

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Update 1

(Q2 2015)

CRM Online Update Only!

Carina, Microsoft’s spring-wave update to CRM, is an update for CRM Online only. On-premise customers will have to wait for the fall-wave release to see some of the cool features being introduced here.

Improved Navigation & Custom Themes

Carina introduces significant improvements to navigation and even adds the ability to customize your logo and color-scheme in CRM.

Tighter Office 365 Integration

Carina increases the integration between CRM Online and Office 365 applications with immersive Excel and OneNote integration.

Cobalt Release 2.7.1

(Q2 2015)

Cobalt Portal Widgets

Turn any Cobalt portal page into a widget that can be dropped seamlessly into your existing website.

Higher Logic

Configuration for single sign-on/integration with Higher Logic available so you’re ready to use our portal widgets out of the box. Additional data integration available with Higher Logic Communities (engagement activities, meetings and meeting registrations, contact and member information, user groups, and more).

 Cobalt Portal API

Cobalt’s Portal API allows you to write your own integration for whatever content management system you want to use with your Cobalt Dynamics CRM solution.

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Cobalt Release 2.7

(Q1 2015)

Improved Performance & User Experience

  • System performance enhancements for faster portal browsing and portal/CRM process completion.
  • New contextual CRM wizard concept to consolidate existing wizards into “smart wizards” for increased productivity and improved customer service.
  • Enhanced customer self-service options on the portal resulting in less staff involvement.
  • WYSIWYG HTML Editor available in CRM for simplified styling and formatting of portal text.

 E-Commerce Refresh

  • New wizards using “smart wizard” concept – Payment Wizard, Credit Wizard, and Write-off Wizard.
  • Updated logic to allow for more robust payment and refund functionality.
  • Coupon redemption expanded to all portal checkout processes.

 Events, Meetings, and Education Enhancements

  • Additional meeting waitlist options and new meeting activity waitlist functionality.
  • Edit meeting registration functionality available on the portal and in CRM.
  • “My Meetings” & “My Classes” portal pages for upcoming and historical meeting and class registrations.

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