A process designed around the customer

We’ve helped hundreds of clients reach their goals with a seamless transition to a new Dynamics 365 system. Our methodology is designed around efficiency and client collaboration, so that you receive valuable, tailored solutions on time and on budget. We’re more than just a vendor; we forge partnerships. Our team will be there every step of the way, from the kickoff to well after you go live.

Learn more about our how our project charters, checklists, transparent reporting, and other processes help clients achieve success before, during, and after CRM implementation.

Project teams emphasize client engagement

Project teams consist of a combination of Cobalt staff and end users from your organization. Client engagement is critical to the success of any software implementation, and the customer is always considered an integral part of the project team.

Map a clear course with our project charter

Cobalt will work with you to develop a project charter with high-level objectives and achievable, measurable success criteria that will help structure the project and steer it in the right direction. At the same time, the project team will keep your day-to-day operational needs in sight by defining your top ten daily tasks within the charter.

Learn more about how to improve your CRM implementation with a project charter. View a sample of our project charter here.

Project plans and checklists help define and document progress

Cobalt projects all flow through our well-defined process and phases. Our project checklists make it easy for the project team to get a quick, visual representation of where we are in the project life cycle. We also develop a detailed project plan that includes milestones for each phase of the project.

Weekly updates keep us agile and efficient

You’ll receive weekly status updates that summarize the following: accomplishments of the previous week; tasks Cobalt aims to achieve in the current week; any of your needs/requests; upcoming deadlines; any identified risks; and a report on hours spent versus hours remaining in the work.

Communicate and collaborate with our online tools

Cobalt utilizes several different project management tools that make collaboration and communication among team members and with clients seamless and easy. These include Fog Creek’s FogBugz and Teamwork Projects.

Get transparent time tracking

We’re dedicated to transparent reporting, and we streamline hour tracking and reporting tasks through our Replicon timesheet software, leaving more time for your team to focus on project work. Each week, you’ll receive a budget analysis report and a more detailed report will be sent monthly.

Monitor, address, and abate risks

Our more than 20 years of experience allows us to put together a list of risks commonly seen during CRM implementations. We put proven and tested strategies in place to monitor and address these risks.

No data is left behind

Exclusive processes and tools built for migration mean you don’t have to worry about missed data. We’ve helped hundreds of customers successfully move to the  Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 platform with pre-built scripts and data mapping sessions.

Ongoing support

Engagement with our clients is just as important after the project as before. After your project goes live, you’ll continue to receive support from our team and have opportunities to provide valuable feedback. You’ll be able to communicate directly with our support team via the Zendesk customer care portal.