fogbugzDuring a recent client project set up, I noticed on check-in a few comments out of place where they would be only visible to users with Team Foundation Server access. On check-in, referencing the FogBugz case in a specific format (see check-in.png) will result in an update to the case in FogBugz (see fogbugz.png).


There are several limitations with out-of-the-box integration. First, it does not provide TFS check-in policy and therefore we are relying on developers to correctly add the comment when checking-in code. Second, check-in comments are not added to the case and therefore are only visible to users with TFS access. So, I decided to configure the standard integration between FogBugz and Team Foundation Server.

Cobalt has expanded this integrations by creating a custom event listener that makes use of FogBugz API. This new custom check-in policy performs 3 checks:

  • ensures the comment is in the correct format
  • validates that the referenced case number exists in FogBugz
  • ensures the case is activecheck-in



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