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In today’s competitive market, you can’t afford team inefficiency or lost sales opportunities due to disconnected customer lists, data sitting in multiple systems, or reporting that takes hours to create. You need the tools to integrate systems, produce intelligent data, and deliver a seamless customer experience in order to thrive.

The costs of an outdated CRM system

  1. Wasted time
  2. Wasted sales opportunities
  3. Customer confusion and frustration
  4. Duplicate and conflicting data
  5. Lack of data visibility to facilitate decision making

Need a solution that brings clarity and confidence to business challenges?

Signs your current system is stretched beyond capacity

  • Your current systems produce disparate or inaccurate customer data

  • Customers expect easy, personal online interaction, but you can’t deliver

  • Your team needs better tools to fully engage customers and provide quality service

  • You are missing sales and marketing opportunities

Disconnected systems are destined to fail you. So, what’s the alternative? Explore how a scalable CRM system can help your team members manage customer and prospect data more effectively.

Maximize your impact with a CRM solution as the hub of your operations

  • Core functions align sales, customer service, and marketing for better customer engagement.

  • Designed for integration of best-of-breed tools

  • Get actionable insights with robust reports

  • Options allow for autonomy and customized configuration

  • Team members are all on the same page, gaining efficiency and accuracy

Can you imagine how different your company would look and feel if your teams and customers were connected to a central CRM? The conversations would change dramatically. So, if a CRM solution makes sense, the question becomes, “Which CRM is right for our company?”

Get the value of a scalable CRM with Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Microsoft is recognized as an award-winning CRM leader

  • Businesses are able to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft continues to enhance the Dynamics 365 platform

  • Priced for value and consistently less expensive than major competitors

Not all CRM platforms are created equal. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a proven, market-tested solution designed to grow with your business.

Cobalt tailors Dynamics 365 to give you an exact fit

  • Options to add event management, subscription management, and online e-commerce modules to your CRM

  • Ability to bill your clients and take online payment for invoices through your CRM

  • Connect your website directly to your CRM to give customers a more connected experience

  • The mobile platform is easy to use for team members

Each business has unique processes and goals, and your CRM should be designed to match. With Cobalt Engagement Dynamics, a unique suite of tools that operates inside Dynamics 365, you’ll get a CRM tailored for your success.

Tools and support for a smooth data transition

  • Team continuity counts, and you’ll work with the same team members from start to finish.

  • A phased process designed exclusively for your company is documented at the start

  • Unlimited end-user support is included

Making the transition to a new CRM may seem daunting, but Cobalt’s commitment to a seamless platform shift means we’ve developed support, tools, and processes that give you peace of mind. We’re more than a vendor; we’ve been partnering with clients to transition to a better CRM experience since 2003.

Are you ready for a more intelligent data experience?

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