Migration Dynamics

The Only Way to Migrate to MS Dynamics 365



Migration Dynamics was built specifically to do one thing: to migrate your on-premises CRM data to CRM Online without any interruption to your business. That’s it. By using the metadata available in CRM, Migration Dynamics can determine the best path to migration to reduce the number of orphans created and ensure that no data is left behind. Migration Dynamics handles all of the intricacies of CRM data that are not found in other relational databases and a generic integration utility simply cannot handle. Essentially, Migration Dynamics knows your data better than you do.

To download a PDF outlining all Migration Dynamics has to offer please click here.


Migration Dynamics is a purpose-built tool for migrating and replicating CRM data. It is a tool that understands the data and how it’s all related. It would be a tool built specifically for migrating data from one CRM instance to another. Not an integration or import tool, a migration tool.

Intelligent Mapping

Migration Dynamics is a tool that does the heavy lifting for you by reading the schema and metadata and intelligently pushing it to CRM Online. It won’t leave you worrying about the complex rules for creating records in CRM or having to do multiple passes at the data in order to create all of those relationships.

Zero Downtime

Migration Dynamics provides a way for users to continue to use their current CRM organization while migrating to CRM Online. This means no more telling clients they are going to have to freeze their data in order to move or waiting for the next long weekend and hoping it’s enough time to complete the migration.