The Issue

In mid-March, Microsoft released these Windows Updates:

  • KB 4013429
  • KB 4012215
  • KB 4012216
  • KB 4012204—MS17-006

If you use Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 to access Microsoft CRM 2011, then after these automatic updates installed, you probably noticed issues with the Advanced Find window, as well as related entity grids.

After monitoring a large number of responses on various Microsoft Dynamics and Internet Explorer forums, we spotted this message:

We logged a Premier Support ticket with Microsoft and they were very responsive.

During a remote session, they confirmed that data was being returned from CRM server side when clicking links, but it just wasn’t displaying.

The issue is caused by improper CSS.  Modifying the height attribute of CSS allowed the data to be displayed successfully during the remote session.  The suggestion was to change one line in CRM’s global.css which fixes the issue across all interfaces.

Since then, our CRM developer has figured out that the issue goes away if you (add) the following line to global.css.aspx: span[type=”subgrid”] {position:static !important}

– Poster NeilMcDonald 82 on the Dynamics Community forum

What We Found

We found that that change did fix most of the UI issues for Internet Explorer, but the issue in Chrome where the Adv Find results page was showing a blank page still persisted.So instead, this is what we suggest adding to the global.css.aspx file: span[type=”subgrid”] {position:static !important}
td.AdvFind_td_FindBody {position:absolute;} {height: 100px !important;}

That file can be found at the following location on your server:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_common\styles\global.css.aspx

If you intend to overwrite the existing file, I recommend renaming it to global.css.aspxOLD so that in the event Microsoft fixes this issue in an upcoming update, that way you can simply revert to the old version of the CSS file.

The Results

We have since implemented this fix, and are very happy with the result. The only place I see the issue remaining is in CRM Dashboards where there are panes side by side.