Imagine this nightmare… As your association is gearing up for its annual conference, your online member portal suddenly goes down. Angry members start flooding your inbox. You scramble and reach out to your AMS vendor for a quick resolution.  

Crickets. Nothing.  

Your vendor — who was so quick to sell you a new AMS system — is dead-slow to help you fix a problem when there’s a crisis.  

Cobalt has always prioritized providing top-tier AMS support to our clients. Our practices and protocols work – we can boast of industry-leading customer satisfaction (95.4%), median response times (47 minutes), and median resolution times (2.2 hours).  

This post details some of the secrets to why our customer support performs so highly. If you’re shopping for new association software, Cobalt has the team in place to help, from Day 1, whenever there’s an issue. Let’s connect for a short meeting to talk about why support long after the sale is an essential we’re committed to at Cobalt.  

AMS Support Agent Schedules for Comprehensive Coverage 

Our support agents are scheduled to ensure seamless coverage from 8 AM to 8 PM for customers across all US time zones. The way we stagger our agents’ start times create a continuous wave of availability for our association partners. Early birds cater to East Coast clients, while night owls ensure that West Coast organizations receive an equally attentive level of service. 

This extended coverage isn’t only about being accessible for an urgent need. Our agents split their workdays between resolving ongoing issues, conducting follow-ups, and ongoing training that proactively prevents hiccups with your AMS system and member experience. Part of the reason our AMS support customer satisfaction rating is so high is that we anticipate and solve many potential problems before they actually become a problem. 

What this means for you… If there is EVER an issue, you can expect a prompt, personal response from Cobalt’s team. 

The image is a group photo of Cobalt's support team for associations in the lobby of their Washington D.C. office. Training and support are one of the significant factors that affect AMS cost over time.

On-Call Emergency AMS Support: Always Ready, Always Reliable 

Of course, emergencies don’t adhere to a 9-to-5 schedule. Neither do we! Cobalt’s on-call emergency support system ensures that critical issues are addressed promptly, no matter when they arise. When you connect with one of our support agents,  expect composure and expertise that will give you some peace of mind as we’re resolving things. We believe this level of preparedness and responsiveness sets us apart in the AMS industry highlights our dedication to minimizing downtime, and maximizes efficiency for our customers. 

When an emergency call comes in, our on-call agents jump into action leveraging their deep knowledge of the AMS system and the specific needs of the client. They follow well-established protocols to diagnose and resolve issues swiftly, often preventing small problems from becoming significant disruptions. This proactive stance reinforces our reputation for excellence in AMS support and underscores our unwavering commitment to our clients’ success.

What this means for you… There is an extra layer of assurance that emergencies and issues outside of regular office hours are still covered quickly for your team and members. 

Personalized AMS Support: Building Lasting Relationships 

One of the key strengths of Cobalt’s AMS support is how our in-house dedicated support teams are each assigned to a specific set of accounts. This approach fosters strong, long-term relationships between our clients and support agents. From the start, and then over time, our agents become more and more familiar with the unique configuration of your AMS system, your association’s business processes, and your team.  

Our association partners can expect continuity in their interactions with our support team., We work hard to build trust and rapport that enhances your overall support experience. Our agents are not just problem-solvers; they are partners invested in the success of the organizations they support. Because they understand the intricacies of each client’s AMS implementation, they provide tailored solutions and strategic advice quickly and effectively. 

This dedicated team structure also facilitates smoother communication and faster resolutions. Clients don’t have to re-explain their issues with each interaction, as their assigned team already has the context and history needed to address concerns efficiently. What this means for you … when you get in touch, you won’t have to waste time getting a new support person up to speed on your system or situation – we’ll already understand all that and it will take far less time to get things resolved. 

Summing Up Cobalt’s AMS Support Team 

The combination of our specialized support agent schedules, on-call emergency support, and dedicated account teams exemplifies why Cobalt’s support team stands out in the AMS industry. Our unwavering commitment to availability, responsiveness, and personalized service ensures that our clients receive the best possible support, every day. Next, let’s talk about the systems and protocols we have in place that enhance the support our agents provide. 

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Proactive Excellence to Ensure Smooth Operations 

At Cobalt, we’ve elevated our AMS support by implementing sophisticated alert systems. It’s one way we can be ahead of the game. We get a prompt notification of any critical issues. We’ll know about something like a compromised portal, the moment an issue arises. That positions us to swiftly identify and mitigate problems, often before our clients even detect a disturbance in their operations. 

Our alert systems aren’t just ordinary monitors; they are finely tuned instruments meticulously configured to surveil a broad spectrum of potential issues. From security breaches to performance degradation, our alerts are primed to detect anomalies and trigger immediate investigation. When an alert surfaces, our support agents spring into action, leveraging their expertise to diagnose and resolve issues with precision and speed. This proactive vigilance not only minimizes downtime but also safeguards our clients’ data and operations. 

Every morning, a dedicated support agent goes through a detailed routine of checks and tasks to uphold the health and performance of our clients’ systems. These daily reviews help us stay far ahead of maintenance requirements and prevent many potential issues before something goes wrong.

The extra diligence here helps our agents spot irregularities that may have transpired overnight. We scrutinize the updates, review backup logs, and verify the successful completion of scheduled maintenance tasks. By addressing potential issues proactively, we prevent minor glitches from snowballing into major disruptions.  

Additionally, our agents regularly  verify the seamless operation of all integrations and critical workflows. This entails comprehensive testing of key functionalities and diagnostic assessments to ensure everything is functioning optimally. These proactive measures help us ensure our clients’ systems remain in peak condition. We want your association staff free to focus on their core business activities without the burden of technical concerns. 

Triaging New Tickets and First Response According to SLAs 

Throughout the day, our support agents trade off responsibilities for triaging new tickets as they come in. This orchestrated workflow guarantees a balanced workload and allows agents to focus on delivering timely first responses in accordance with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs). We assess the urgency and complexity of each ticket, categorize it appropriately, and prioritize it for resolution. This is part of how we balance more critical issues while still managing routine requests efficiently. 

Managerial Support and Expertise

Within our support framework, managers play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of our team. They shoulder a diverse array of administrative responsibilities, including reporting, resource allocation, billing, and more. By handling these tasks adeptly, our managers free up our support agents to focus on their core responsibilities—resolving tickets and assisting clients. However, what sets our managers apart is their deep expertise in Cobalt’s association software solution: Engagement Dynamics. Often, they step in to provide assistance with tickets, leveraging their extensive experience and knowledge to address complex issues effectively. 

Explore a Better AMS Support Option 

This dual role of our managers not only streamlines administrative processes but also enriches the overall expertise available to our clients. Their hands-on involvement guarantees that our support team functions like a well-coordinated machine, with every component working in synergy to deliver exceptional service. 

We want Cobalt’s support team to play an active role in the success of your organization. In a field of AMS options that offer many of the same essential features and technical capabilities, it’s the people and personalized service we offer that will help your association staff and members get the most from your system. Let’s connect soon to talk about how our tailored solutions can elevate your AMS experience and drive your association forward.  

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