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What We Offer in a D365 Marketing Product Showcase

If you have specific questions about Dynamics 365 Marketing, Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365, or the Power Platform, let us know when you fill out the form above! We are happy to customize the product showcase experience for you and your team. Let us demonstrate the parts, pieces, and functionality that you are curious about.

Or, just let us know what some of your toughest marketing and sales challenges are today. We can use that information to tease out highly specific ways that D365 Sales and D365 Marketing would make a difference for your team.

In a typical D365 Marketing Product Showcase, we cover up to a 16-point overview of the strongest tools, features, functionality, and value for teams that need solid, affordable, intuitive marketing automation support. We touch on things such as:

Customer Journeys

This cornerstone functionality of Dynamics 365 Marketing will impress any team that has tried to navigate complex, clunky interfaces and configurations for customer journey creation. With refined out-of-the-box templates, intuitive controls, deep communication integration, and more, we can show you how to set up compelling customer journeys in minutes.

Email Marketing and Campaigns

Microsoft understands the lasting value of email marketing and has packed D365 Marketing with tools for that work that boast enterprise-level sophistication at a small business price point. Let us show you how the bleeding-edge AI technology and templates have made it easy to create compelling marketing campaigns, even for team members who have no marketing skills or experience.

Social Media Integration and Scheduling

The real-time performance functionality and advanced goals and forecasting options never fail to impress new teams and seasoned CRM users Navigating the opportunities and shifting best practices for social media marketing is so much easier for sales and leadership teams, thanks to D365’s integrations, calendar, and scheduling manager. We would also love to show you the reporting and insights on your social media efforts and performance that come with Dynamics 365 Marketing.

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Microsoft’s strategic integration with LinkedIn opens up huge, unique opportunities for sales teams and effective marketing efforts in their network. When you sign up for a product showcase, we will highlight the seamless process for integrating with LinkedIn, setting up a LinkedIn campaign, and how to utilize the forms on LinkedIn effectively for stronger lead generation for your sales team, based on their goals.

Insights and Reporting

You need tangible ROI for your time and investment in marketing efforts, and D365 Marketing delivers clear, real-time insights about what is working and where your next opportunities might be. When you connect with us, we will break down insights around specific records and show off the industry-leading dashboards and reporting that come with Power BI. You will also get a deep look at the lead creation and management tools, lead scoring methods and models, and other tools built specifically for savvy sales or marketing directors and executive teams.

Beyond the Nuts and Bolts of Dynamics 365 Marketing

Schedule a Dynamics 365 Marketing product showcase with us today, and we will also make room to quickly cover our training, ongoing support, and areas like:

  • Our add-on and bolt-on pricing and packages for D365 Marketing
  • Any questions you have about features, Cobalt’s implementation process, etc.
  • Expectations around training and support from Cobalt
  • Clear next steps to move the conversation forward with our team