Tour Dynamics 365 Sales in One Hour

What We Cover in a Product Showcase

If you or your team have specific questions about Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, or the Power Platform — let us know! We are happy to customize your product showcase to meet your needs, business processes, or sales pipeline workflows.

In just under an hour, we can step through a 21-point overview of the major tools, functionality, and dialed-in value for your sales efforts that come with Dynamics 365 Sales. You will get an inside look at things like:

Dashboards for D365 and Power BI

See exactly what the intuitive interfaces and major configuration options are for sellers and sales managers.

LinkedIn Integration

Microsoft has the clout and strategic investments to offer your team compelling integrations. Let us show you how to leverage LinkedIn with D365 Sales to sell more this year.

Goals + Performance Management

The real-time performance functionality and advanced goals and forecasting options never fail to impress new teams and seasoned CRM users alike. D365 makes it easy to set goals and track progress.

Conversation Intelligence

Dynamics 365 Sales does an amazing job of transcribing and analyzing conversations and touchpoints with your customers. Let us show you how the Conversation Intelligence component provides real-time help to sales reps with emotion detection, suggested selling based on successful past results, and AI insights.

Deal Manager

Your business development reps and account executives should be able to clearly see which prospects and customers to give priority attention to, every day. The D365 Sales Deal Manager’s data visualization, integrated communication options, and easy-to-configure displays provide the clarity they need to always stay focused on the right leads.

Sales Accelerator

Let us quickly show you how the Sales Accelerator tool in Dynamics 365 Sales pulls data from different sources to order a work list for your sales team. The bleeding-edge AI suggestions, sales sequence templates, and the sequence designer for sales managers will help you close more deals, more quickly.


Thanks to Dynamics 365 Marketing, you do not need a dedicated marketing department or staff to significantly bolster your sales efforts and success. With customer journeys, landing pages that convert, and advanced lead generation tools for inbound and outbound efforts, smaller sales teams find tremendous value in the tightly integrated Dynamics 365 Marketing offering.

Cobalt offers D365 Marketing as an add-on or bolt-on for D365 Sales customers. If you are interested in a combination D365 Sales and D365 Marketing product showcase, just let us know. We can step through both platforms, highlight the ways these marketing tools will amplify your sales efforts and revenue, and breakdown our simplified packages and pricing.

Beyond the Software

Existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers know something that teams coming from Salesforce and other sales automation platforms are often surprised about. Because Microsoft is a software company, first and foremost, they truly rely on partners like Cobalt to be an engaged, frontline source of support.

That means today you are shopping not only for a CRM and sales software with clear ROI, but also a partner who cares about the relationship with your team — from Day One through the long haul. We are excited to help you see a little about why we are a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner and all the ways we strongly embrace a customer-first approach.

When you schedule a Dynamics 365 Sales product showcase with us, we will also make room to quickly cover our training, ongoing support, and areas like:

  • Pricing and package details for D365 Sales and/or D365 Marketing
  • Your questions about functionality, our implementation process, etc.
  • What to expect from Cobalt as a Microsoft Gold-Certified partner
  • Clear next steps if you want to move the implementation and partnership conversation forward