Release Objectives

The main objectives for the implementation of the Cobalt Release 3.3 project were to:

  1. Meet customer needs by implementing a multi-currency solution customer requirements for international events
  2. Create an updated UAT environment that mimics Cobalt’s production pods in the data center, including ADFS 4.0/2016 and load balancing
  3. Correct bugs that were discovered as part of customer 3.x upgrades​

Engagement Dynamics


A number of changes were made to support multi-currency. A method was created to update exchange rates on all currencies in CRM. Additionally, transaction currency lookups were added to entities, coupon logic was updated, accounting functions such as batch creation, GL account entry calculations, and accounting reports were updated. ​

The following payment processes were updated:

  • Online Store (Portal)
  • My Orders (Portal)
  • Subscription Application (Portal)
  • Subscription Renewal (Portal)
  • Process Payment Wizard (ISV)
  • Process Credit Card Wizard (ISV)
  • Credit Wizard (ISV)
  • Class Registration (Portal)
  • Edit/Cancel Class Registration (Portal)
  • Meeting Registration (Portal/ISV)
  • Edit/Cancel Meeting Registration (Portal/ISV)​​​

Additional Features

The most notable additional feature in Release 3.3 was the update to support the Transport Lay​er Security (TLS) 1.2 protocol.​

Membership Module


The following payment processes were updated to support multi-currency:

  • Initial Membership Application (Portal/ISV)
  • Membership Renewal (Portal)

Certification Module


​The following processes were updated to support multi-currency:

  • Initial Certification Application (Portal)
  • Continuing Certification Application (Portal)