The main goal for this release was to measurably improve performance for all portal processes as well as to improve general system performance in CRM Online environments.

Configurable Cache

This was achieved primarily by implementing a configurable caching mechanism that allows you to selectively cache (store in memory) records that are retrieved by the portal. For example, caching meetings and classes will allow the event calendar to load almost instantaneously because the portal does not have to retrieve any data from CRM. This configurable caching also allows us to determine which records not to cache. For records where writes greatly outweigh reads, caching can have a negative impact on performance.

Push Cache Refresh

Another change that we made was to push updates to the cache as opposed to periodically refreshing the information. This means that when you change the description of a meeting, it’s immediately updated in the cache instead of waiting 15 minutes for the next refresh. This improves the user experience and also lightens the load on the system by only updating data that has changed.