Solution Updates

The main goal for this release was to optimize the Cobalt solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.  Core (Engagement Dynamics), Membership, and Certification are now additive solutions, and truly work on top of each other.  This was a major improvement made by Microsoft for CRM 2016 and it will allow us to more quickly and easily deploy all of our products and results in lighter weight solutions.

It is important to not that because of the extreme solution rework done in this release, all upgrades to 3.0 will have to be migrations.

Form & Sitemap Overhaul

We also took the opportunity to update all the CRM forms to take advantage of the latest form layout capabilities and make navigation more intuitive.

Subscriptions Moved to Core

As part of this release, we moved the subscriptions module to Core (Engagement Dynamics). It was previously included in the Membership layer. This includes portal process for signing up for and paying for subscriptions (print, email and web) as well as workflows to activate and deactivate publication subscriptions.