Our latest offering is finally here, Expansion Packs for Dynamics CRM Snapshot. Now you can backup, clone, and recover records from your favorite CRM solutions with the click of a button.


Download Expansion Packs Now

What is it? Expansion packs are built to help extend the solutions you already use and love. CRM is infinitely customizable and there are hundreds of amazing add-ons you can install from vendors all over the world. With expansion packs, we’ve taken Snapshot’s ability to backup, clone and recover deleted records, and created solutions tailored for other CRM add-ons.

Which expansion packs are available? As of this writing, there are expansion packs available for Cobalt solutions (xRM, Membership, and Certification Dynamics), and RAMCO.

Are you coming out with more? Absolutely. We’re currently working on a ClickDimensions expansion pack and have several others planned.

I don’t see an expansion pack for my favorite add-on! We’re always looking for more add-ons to build expansion packs for. Tell us what solutions you really want to see and we’ll look into building one.

I’ve already built an expansion pack for my favorite add-on and want to share it. That’s awesome! If you want to share your expansion pack with the community, email us or find us on Twitter. We’d love to share your solution and credit you as the author.

What’s next? We’re working on a few updates to the Snapshot core to build much richer expansion packs. We’re going to let you be able to configure copying related records, so you could copy an Order and all its line items. We’re also going to let you exclude fields that you don’t want to be copied when you’re cloning records. Look for our 1.2 release and new expansion packs coming soon.

Snapshot is a lightweight, easy to use and easy to customize solution for Dynamics CRM that will allow you to create point in time backups and restore records with the click of a button.