Today we are announcing a ClickDimensions tailored Expansion Pack for Dynamics CRM Snapshot. Now you can backup and recover records from the most popular and highly used ClickDimensions entities.

The Snapshot team has been working with the good people over at ClickDimensions to develop the best experience possible for their users.



What is it?

Expansion packs are built to help extend the solutions you already use and love with Dynamics CRM Snapshot functionality. With this expansion pack, we’ve taken Snapshot’s ability to backup, clone and recover deleted records, and created solutions tailored for the Email Marketing and Marketing Automation features in ClickDimensions.

The Snapshot Expansion Pack for ClickDimensions will allow you to backup and recover all of the CRM marketing data you have collected about your customers.


What’s included?

Included in the expansion pack is preconfigured backups and recycling for the following ClickDimensions entities:

Domain Form Field Subscription List
Email Template IP Organization Subscription Preferences
Event Posted Field Survey Answers
Event Participation Posted Form Survey Questions
Filter Posted Subscription Web Content

What’s next?

We’re working on major updates to the Snapshot core to build a much deeper experience. We’re going to give you the ability to perform advanced backups and advanced clones, including what we think is a pretty awesome and easy to use user interface that will allow you to configure your Snapshots exactly how you want them.  Look for our CRM Snapshot3D release mid July!


I don’t see an expansion pack for my favorite add-on!

We’re always looking for more add-ons to build expansion packs for. Tell us what solutions you really want to see and we’ll look into building one.


I’ve already built an expansion pack for my favorite add-on and want to share it.

That’s awesome! If you want to share your expansion pack with the community, email us or find us on Twitter. We’d love to share your solution and credit you as the author.

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