Now that you’ve set up your Deep Backup Workflow, you may have a contact with sales information you want to preserve. The following step can help you in just a few easy to follow steps.

Creating the Configurable Backup

  1. Navigate to the parent entity that you wish you take a backup of
    1. For this example we will use Leslie Knope, who has an open opportunity, an active order, and an active invoice
  2. On the ribbon, select run workflow
  3. Run the Deep Backup – contact with Sales workflow that we set up in the earlier blog post
  4. Select add, then click OK
  5. Go to advanced find
  6. Look for: Snapshots
  7. Confirm that a CRM snapshot record was created for the parent entity (the contact), and the related opportunity, order, and invoice

Running the Deep Rollback

  1. Navigate to Advanced Find
  2. Look for: Snapshots
  3. Select the Parent Snapshot that you took earlier
  4. Navigate to the entities’ related records, select child snapshots


  1. Snapshots for the related entities included in the workflow we ran earlier will be listed here


  1. Navigate back to the main Snapshot record
  2. In the ribbon, select the deep rollback button
  3. The confirmation pop-up will appear, select OK
  4. The out of the box, pre-configured workflow will run
  5. The parent entity and the related records will rollback to the parent and child snapshots

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