The Query Workaround You’ve Been Looking For

Dynamics 365 users who need to find customers with no cases or prospects with no activities now have a simple solution: Cobalt Intelligent Query. Our free Dynamics 365 CRM solution allows you to create “does not have” or “does not exist” queries using the standard Dynamics 365 Advanced Find interface. Microsoft has partially solved this issue in the most recent release of Dynamics 365, but there are many other advanced query options available with the Intelligent Query solution.

Cobalt’s Intelligent Query is available for Dynamics 365 users as well as Dynamics CRM 2013, 2015, 2016.

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Building Resources that Work the Ways Your Team Does

The team at Cobalt can engineer and execute solutions like Intelligent Query because we’ve been building software to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft’s CRM solutions for more than 15 years. We know where our clients struggle and precisely what their wishlist features are because these things drive our innovation. 

Dynamics 365 is among the most powerful and sophisticated CRM platforms available. Everything we have built at Cobalt extends what’s possible with Dynamics 365 for the core industries and clients we serve. Microsoft created and continues to refine an open platform. It has the potential to be scaled, customized, and focused for the CRM needs of different end-users. That work requires developers with vision, ingenuity, and a deep understanding of those needs. That’s Cobalt. 

Get More from Your CRM

Cobalt’s refined solutions include a Membership module and other core association management software, the most flexible Certification software in the market, eCommerce, Portals, Subscriptions, Events, Engagement Tracking, Accounting, and other essential modules for your team. We’ve spent years building tools that we can scale for huge associations and corporations or customize and make affordable for small businesses.