Release Objectives

The primary objective for the Cobalt 3.10 Release was to:

  1. Provide support for D365 On-Premises v9.1, in order to achieve better parity of functionality with Dynamics 365 online.

Expected Benefits

The Cobalt 3.10 release will be considered a success if the following criterion is met.

  1. On-premises environments can utilize the Unified Interface (UCI) in a way to mirrors the D365 online experience.

Supported CRM Versions

D365 On-Premises

  • 8.X Version: (April 2021). This is the most recent version of 8.2 and we do not expect any future updates. Versions that are lower than 9.0 will need to upgrade to 9.1+ first before any other upgrades can be done.
  • 9.X Version: (July 2023). We are supporting 9.1 on-prem with this release.
    • We are not supporting 9.0 on-prem because it is no longer supported by Microsoft.

D365 Online

We continue to support the latest version of Dynamics 365 Online with the 3.10 release. Note that regression testing was completed on the server version 9.2.22064.00202, but these builds often vary based on the region the customer’s tenant is located in. For implementations or projects that are targeting an online go-live, it is best to patch any on-premises D365 (i.e. dev and/or stage) to the latest 9.1.x version as to have the smallest version gap between what is on-premises and what is online. 

Cases and Background​

Misc Improvements

This release increased parity between online and on-premise systems, as well as resolved discrepancies between 8.2 and 9.X versions, and streamlined payment-related functionality to better improve user experiences. No new Cobalt features were introduced as a part of this release.

Back End Logic

45524Changing Credit Card Expiration Date Field from Text Field to Date FieldThis case corrected an issue where the Payment Profile entity’s “Credit Card Expiration Date” led to inconsistent reporting on expiration of payment profiles. Please note that expiration date field is now a date field, where the day is assumed to be the first of the month.
474088.2 and 9.X Solution MismatchesThis case fixed issues from previous Cobalt releases where there were field relationship inconsistencies with CRM version 9.X.
47409Tax Calculation SpeedsThis case centralized parts of the tax calculation process to improve Portal store speeds.
47483Authorize.NET CC Validation / Subscription VerificationThis case corrected an issue where CRM and Authorize.NET were not validating payment profile details for subscription (payment plan) scenarios until a charge is attempted. Validation of the transaction now occurs in CRM, if enabled. Please note that validation can be turned off, such as for sandbox environments.