Type anything about recovering data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in to Google… I mean Bing! and most likely you’ll come across an article explaining the Audit capabilities and how to recover data in CRM. Auditing is a powerful function, but with all of the power can come some difficulties. The process first requires that you have auditing turned on for all fields on the record as well as the actual entity. If you have the proper auditing settings on, then you essentially hunt to find the deleted record for the entity that you are trying to recover. This can become tedious space consuming, and time consuming, especially if you have more than one record to try to recover.


Utilizing Auditing to recover your data requires finding the Audit Record’s ID and using specific code to recover the data using CRM API. This method will require the user to have some technical skill and knowledge of code. Snapshot for CRM provides a lightweight option to recover your data. It’s easy to install, just download the solution and import it into your instance of CRM. Shapshot is pre-configured with the ability to Backup, Rollback, and Recycle system entities from the minute you install.

With the recycle functionality in Snapshot for CRM turned on, you can recover your deleted record just by going to the settings and viewing the recycle bin. Pull up your snapshot and hit Rollback, and your data is returned! No hunting required!