The most critical decisions for your organization utterly depend on superior data collection, the right report generation capabilities, and effective, collaborative analysis. Microsoft’s Power BI generates the vital insights for business strategy your team needs as you weigh the options, build internal consensus, and get to work.

Power BI is built to connect all the sources of your data and empower a variety of team members to generate highly relevant, accessible reports. It’s also an outstanding tool for facilitating agile stakeholder decision making as you move from planning to action.

The Cobalt team has deep experience helping teams get the most out of their Dynamics 365 CRM investment with applications like Power BI and the rest of the Power Platform. Review the high-level benefits for your team below and then let us walk you through a customized product showcase. We want to highlight specific ways it can meet the decision-making needs of your stakeholders.

What is Power BI?

There are three major components of the Power BI offering: Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, and Power BI Mobile. They each provide unique capabilities for your team and work together seamlessly to create the access and insights every decision maker in your organization needs.

What Kinds of Problems Does Power BI Help Solve?

  • Is the timing ideal for your association to launch a new annual conference enrollment initiative — or should you wait until next quarter? How does the data from last year’s sign-ups compare with specific member engagement trends so far this year?
  • Your small business has seen a downturn in a critical segment of your e-commerce sales, and you need to choose a strategic, multi-faceted response. What factors should drive that strategy, and what support will you need from the different departments of your business?
  • Some parts of your team aren’t really looped into your organization’s current business needs and priority efforts around a new service offering. Your sales team needs that alignment, as well as critical data and input about early customer feedback and usage trends. How can you bring it all together?

These are all general scenarios that Power BI was built to address directly. With a complete view of your data and the ability to analyze it from any angle with ease, your team will have what they need move forward with confidence.

Embedding Power BI reports into a Microsoft Teams channel is easy and it can really help increase visibility and meaningful collaboration for your team.

I love the ‘Add columns from examples’ feature in Power BI. When you enter a couple of examples, it is able to guess the formula you need and apply it to the entire column. I also love the Power BI drillthrough feature and how you can create one report for all kinds of business users.

Power BI makes it easy to report across entities, and it really extends your Dynamics 365 reporting capabilities. You can compare the differences in my Power BI vs Dashboards in Dynamics 365 Reporting Showdown.

There are bottomless possibilities for how your organization could leverage the potential of Power BI to streamline and strengthen the process of surfacing the right business insights and responding to what you learn in the data.
When you partner with the Cobalt team for Dynamics 365 Products & Services we bring 25+ years of Microsoft expertise to the table. At every step, we’ll suggest solutions like these and walk you through ways to get more from your CRM and the investment you are making in the Power Platform.

Annie Hall

Annie Hall

Product Marketing Manager

Explore the Value of Power BI for Different Team Members

Power BI has something to offer all the major players on your team. Here are some high-level summaries of the ways it can make a positive impact on the day-to-day tasks and core responsibilities for collaborators in the thick of your decision-making projects.

Get Started or Learn More about Power BI

Keep exploring the ways Power BI could transform your organization’s decision-making projects and processes. Reach out for a product showcase now and let us step you through a free installation and configuration of Power BI Desktop. Our Cobalt experts will give you some ideas for good ways to connect your data sources and explore the baseline report generation functionality for your team.

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