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CRM Snapshot

This is the experiment that started it all. With more than 300 downloads to date and the ongoing evolution of the product (5 releases since March), Snapshot has been a huge success. CRM Snapshot is a free, MS Dynamics CRM solution from Cobalt that allows you to create regular onsite backups of your data, recover deleted records and create copies of existing records with the click of a button. The idea is simple, whether you want to manually create a point in time backup of your records or create a workflow to automatically generate backups anytime a record is created, updated or deleted, CRM Snapshot can oblige. In addition to backing up and recycling sensitive data, CRM Snapshot also allows you to copy existing records in CRM, reducing the time it takes to enter new records that contain the same information as other records in your system. Below you’ll see what comes “out of the box” when you download Snapshot as well as the abilities you have to customize Snapshot to your specific CRM organization.

Intelligent Query

The #1 most voted feature on the Microsoft Connect site for Dynamics CRM is the ability to do outer joins (or not in searches) within the standard CRM advanced find. Cobalt has developed a solution that seamlessly solves this issues for both CRM 2013 and CRM 2015. Of course, this is only the first limitation we’ve tackled. Like Snapshot, we plan to solicit feedback and evolve this add-on to meet the needs of the CRM community.

Smart Fields [Coming Soon]

The new rollout and calculated fields in CRM are fantastic, but have you ever wanted to easily populate a CRM field with merged data from multiple entities and fields? That is the void that Smart Fields fills. With this solution, you can use Cobalt’s advanced merge syntax to pull data from other entities into a specific field. Frustrated by having to create multiple invoice reports to print, email, and make available on your web site? Why not use our solution to save all the data and formatting to a printable invoice field on the invoice record? Need to create record names that concatenate fields from multiple entities? You can either write custom plugins every time you need a new name which means you have to rely on your developer and deploy the solution or you can use workflows which are limited in how you can traverse relationships in CRM. This solution always end users to create these names using our merge syntax that can solve both of these problems.

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