Our Bad

In our previous post about using CRM Intelligent Query for building “Not In” or “Does Not Have” queries in Dynamics CRM using Advanced Find, we ommitted using “And” conditions from these types of queries. That was our bad and as a result we got lots of requests in the comment section and from various other sources about if it would be possible to do such a thing. The canned answer for several months, was “unfortunately, no” until we discovered the missing link and all of a sudden the possibilities for CRM IQ became so much more than before.

How We’ve Made It Up To You

After several months of testing we are pleased to announce that we’ve released a new version of CRM IQ that addresses this most important missing feature. Now you can, not only group conditions in your “does not have” queries using the “and” operator, but you can use those queries for building both static and dynamic marketing lists! Let’s look at the specific scenarios this update covers.

In the previous releases you could use CRM IQ to build a marketing list of Accounts that had never submitted a case or have a case with which they were “Very Dissatisfied” like the following.


CRM IQ uses a specific trigger for identifying these types of queries. Notice that we are specifying that the primary key of the entity we’ve linked to, “Does Not Contain Data”. This is the trigger that CRM Intelligent Query uses to infer a “Does Not Have” or “Not In” condition. Because this query would always return zero results it is useless under normal circumstances. You can try it yourself on any type of entity in CRM.

Unfortunately, what was missing in the prior release was the ability to build a similar marketing list with slightly different criteria. Instead, consider if you wanted to retrieve all Accounts that have never had a case submitted with which they were “Satisfied” or “Very Satisfied”. With the latest release of CRM IQ you can now build the following Advanced Find.


Now, you can start doing some really complex things with Advanced Find that simply are not possible out of the box and weren’t possible with previous versions of CRM IQ. For example, consider the following scenario. Your support team is being inundated with calls and very few support requests are coming from your other web-based channels. You want to find all Contacts that are only submitting cases by phone and have never used web based methods of submitting cases. With the latest release of CRM IQ you can build the following query using Advanced Find to search for these contacts and make them aware of the other options available to them.


Look complicated?

Well it is, a little. Due to another limitation of Advanced Find you cannot add the same relationship as a filter more than once on the same level of your query. However, with a little trickery you can get at that relationship by moving back up relationship chain and back down again from the first link. It takes a little getting used to, but it’s tricks like these that are available out of the box, combined with CRM Intelligent Query’s ability to do “Does Not Have” queries, that opens up an enormous amount of power for users to get at the information they need.

Feel free to let us know what you think. You can download CRM Intelligent Query for free, as always, by clicking the image below.