Migration Dynamics Release 1.3.0 is out! This release fixes bugs that were introduced by the Dynamics 365 9.0 update and adds support for several use cases that were missing in previous versions of Migration Dynamics.

Here’s what we did:

  • Resolved Null ID and Key Errors – This issue was specific to how Migration Dynamics was handling new attribute types available only in 9.x versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. These were most commonly seen with the Orders, Order Products, Invoices, Invoice Products, and Quotes entities.
  • Resolved Close Date Issue on the Opportunity – Close Dates were not setting properly on Opportunities.
  • Added Support for Migrating Business Process Flows with the Current Stage – You can now migrate Business Process Flow stages for entities with Business Process Flows. We also no longer disable Business Process Flows as part of the migration.
  • Added Handling of Quote Revisions – Revised status reason will now come over for closed Quotes with the original Quote ID and Revision Number, for example, “QUO-01000-Y2L7P1-Rev0.” This is to bypass Microsoft Dynamics 365’s limitations on revised Quotes; the system does not allow for Revision Number to be updated through the Software Development Kit (SDK) and does not allow for multiple Quotes with the same Quote ID to be created through the SDK (unless you are actually revising each quote again from the start, one by one). The last, non-revised Quote will now come over with the Quote ID unchanged, with a Revision Number of zero.
  • Added Support for Migrating Entity Images – You can now migrate images for entities that have associated image attributes.
  • Resolved Configurable Clone Error – This issue affected some entities in 9.x versions of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Migration Dynamics uses a framework called Snapshot to create point-in-time snapshots, or copies, of records. This framework supports cloning. Starting in version 9.0, there is no longer a status associated with line items and therefore retrieving the status was failing.

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